Friday, November 26, 2010

Men in Uniform Reading Challenge 2011

Men in Uniform Reading Challenge
hosted by The Book Vixen
January 1 to December 31, 2011
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Signing up for my first challenge for 2011.

I thought this one had an interesting twist in regards to reading military-related books.

The goal is to read as many novels that involve men in inform as you’d like. It can be a policeman, firefighter, paramedic, Army, Navy, Marine Corp., etc. – As long as the leading man wears some sort of uniform, it counts. See the different levels below and pick the one that works best for you. Nothing is set in stone; you can change levels at any time during the challenge.

Sergeant – Read 1–5 men in uniform novels
Lieutenant – Read 6–10 men in uniform novels
Captain – Read 11–15 men in uniform novels
Chief – Read 16+ men in uniform novels

I shall call in for duty as a Lieutenant.

Book List:
(this shall be updated throughout the year)

Napoleonic wars:
Master and Commander
Vol. Book 1: Aubrey/Maturin series
by Patrick O'Brian


by Jane Austen

Captain Wentworth’s Diary
by Amanda Grange

A Memory Between Us
by Sarah Sundin

Blue Skies Tomorrow
by Sarah Sundin

The Blue Star
by Tony Earley

Home in Time for Christmas
by Heather Graham
(Revolutionary War)

Steampunk Men in Uniform:
I'm in search for books in this niche to add on. Let me know if you have any to recommend.


* first spotted this at Ex Libris

* image source steampunk man in uniform


  1. Nice choice of books, Viii! Master and Commander looks really good, especially the Napoleonic War aspect.

    I'm sure there are some terrific titles availabe for the steampunk MIU, but I've read so little in this genre I'm no help :P

    Anyhoo, me hats off t'ya, Sergeant! ;D

  2. Initially I thought this wouldn't be a challenge that interested me, but your selections are so good, now I'm curious! I'm adding this to my 2011 reading challenges -- in Jan I think I'll brainstorm my list!

  3. Yay, glad to see you joined the party Velvet! :-D Great selections, can't wait for January to roll around so I can start reading all my reading challenge books ;-) (but of course I don't want to miss Christmas either :-p)

  4. The Men in Uniform Reading Challenge sounds exciting!

  5. Thanks for participating in the reading challenge!

  6. rotfl!!
    I'm hideous, I know, but there's a whole series of books with Men in Uniform published by Harlequin Books (they are the romance books I use to read in the summer) lol


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