Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vampire Diaries s1.7: Haunted

Vampire Diaries
Episode 7
Thursday night on CW

Synopsis from TV Guide:
Damon is surprised by Bonnie's psychic abilities when he attempts to take back a necklace she's wearing that belongs to him. Meanwhile, Matt takes Vicki to the school's Halloween haunted house to cheer her up, but events turn truly terrifying.

My quick bits:

This one left me wondering what are Damon's true motives?

He has been bad, yet ultimately in the end helps Elena.

Jasmine Guy's appearance and reveal of being a witch was a treat. We get a brief history of Bonnie's witchy background and learn more about the locket.

Team Stefan scores when Elena admits that she doesn't want to forget anything about her latest experiences because of how she feels about Stefan.

And, poor Vickie - it was coming though. Her fate.


Are you watching this show? and what did you think?

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