Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Steampunk and Romance

Steampunk Workshop
January 21-23, 2010
at Romance Divas

Zoe Archer
Meljean Brook
Gail Carriger
Sarah A. Hoyt
Katie MacAlister
Dru Pagliassotti

This workshop will take place at
the Romance Diva Forum.

All are welcome.
To get access to the forum you will need to register.

I've never been to an online workshop before. It will be interesting to read what these fab authors contribute.

*Romance Divas = Founded in November 2004, Romance Divas is an award winning, free writer's resource website and discussion forum dedicated to the romance and writing community. Our vision is to provide a fun place for writers to learn about the craft and business of writing in a supportive environment, where our members share in the personal and professional journey with other aspiring and published writers.

*spotted this steampunk goodness at December Gephart


  1. Whoa! This looks kind of cool! This will be very fun for yoU! I hope you'll blog afterwards about how it goes!!

  2. hey brizmus, will give you an update afterwards ;-D

  3. May I get an update too!!! I am really interested in learning more!!

    The featured authors listed.... do they write Steampunk Romance? Hmmm, am I asking that question correct!!


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