Monday, January 4, 2010

Pidge by vvb

Jane and Jade Escapades:
by vvb

Incoming, starboard. Smallish projectile missile.

Jade announced as she continued to pull pulleys and knob knobs at the control panel.

Oh, bother.

Jane sighed as she put aside the map she was studying and reached for the telescope. She was feeling the need to land the Tiny Bubble and walk the streets of London. Along with a good pot of tea, she wanted to spy the latest fashions in the shops below.

Jane trained the glass toward the flying object and squealed.

It's Piiiiiiidge!

Jade smiled back in response.

Jane quickly went to open the side window.

In minutes, Pidge flew into the airship and gently landed atop Jane's desk. Pidge rolled around in a circle once, twice, no tweece and positioned himself facing the audience. Fortunately, the usual clutter had been cleared. Jane had completed letters and queries earlier in the day.

Pidge is a mechanical bird creation of Professor McGregor. Pidge is a truly remarkable passenger pigeon with the capability of relaying recorded messages.

Pidge stood at attention waiting for the activation code word.

Jade punched a purply button for the airship to stop its descent and hover in place. The propellers started spinning as the naceles of the isoprops rotated and swiveled to compensate to air currents and thermals.

Once Jane and Jade were settled they sat before Pidge.

... Jane said.
(Hey, it's secret, it is forbidden to reveal the code to you gentle readers. Unless perhaps you are part of the ... but I speak to soon. More revealed later.)

With a little trumpet intro (give a listen here)

Pidge delivered the following message in a melodic birdy voice:

Jane and Jade of the airship, Tiny Bubble
You are cordially invited for tea
at your earliest convenience

Jane picked up Pidge and depressed a button hidden under its left wing to record the reply.

We would be delighted.
Arrival within 2 days.

As they watched Pidge fly out the window, Jane and Jade prepared the Tiny Bubble for an ascent. Gas was released into the balloon and the Tiny Bubble rose higher and higher.

Jane opened her desk drawer and searched for a different set of maps.

Lay in a new course, Jade.

Scotland, ho!

story flash back -~- flash forward

*thanks to the hubby for some Tiny Bubble mechanical speak
*source image - a Jim Mullan creation
*a raw e-fiction post - not yet edited or reviewed, be the first to comment or just enjoy


  1. How creative!! :D Love it, love it!

  2. Looks at you, Velvet, the talents abound! This was really great. I want more!

  3. :D
    And I love the clockwork bird.

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