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The Adventure Takes Flight by svb

Raven $age & The Other Dimension:
The Adventure Takes Flight
(a steampunk tale)
by svb

The steampunk city of Zoell D'yre bustled with people. There were electric hover cars, and large bus-sized robotic beetle gadgets giving free rides to tourists. There were noises of fluent clicking of performing bike artists, and people loudly talking.

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Raven stood at the window clutching a crumbled up letter from her master. "I will never go back to that apprenticeship with that idiot." She threw the crushed paper into her fireplace. She held out her hand towards the fireplace and sent a spell at it, causing a flame to rise. She had a natural talent of magic that she was keeping secretive. If anyone knew about it, they would try to kill her and take her powers. She frowned. It didn't matter if anyone knew about them or not. She was going to leave Zoell D'yer forever. She walked up to her attic and began to rummage through a box hidden in the corner. She took out her black bird mask and placed it across her face. She ran her hand over the mask. There was a glow and her face became the black bird mask. No one would be able to rip off the mask to reveal her face.

Watch this video before you read on:

Fortunately, she had never put on the mask in a long time, leading to her knowing that no one was going to recognize her in the mask. Next, she took out a long silver dagger that was still in it's sheath. She took out the dagger and threw it. It twirled in the air and it stabbed into the wall, and stayed. The silver sheen glimmered in the sunlight that filtered through a small window in the attic. Raven smiled and took out pieces of clothing, next. She took out a pair of denim capris and quickly changed into them. Then she changed into a long, cotton shirt which had sleeves that reached only up to her elbows. She threw her dress aside in relief. She was free from the wrath of dresses at last, which she was made to wear by her mother. She hated dresses. They gave her many disabilities.

When Raven was finished rummaging through the box, she grabbed her dagger and put it back in in its sheath. She then went to another spot in the attic. As she went along, she touched each floorboard until she came across one that was loose. She pushed it at a certain spot and it suddenly flipped up, revealing a tiny golden cube. This was it. Raven was ready to go-- almost. She took the cube and stuck it down her pants pocket, then ran down the stairs, excited and her mind ablaze with anxious thoughts. What was going to happen when she ran away? That was the main question. Well, it didn't matter. Whatever happened was going to be exciting for sure.

Raven rushed into her room and opened a small drawer in her shelf. She took out a small pouch and peered inside. She definitely didn't have to worry about need problems. There were literally mountains of different coins, each worth different prices in the little pouch. She knew that she would have enough money to last her a lifetime! Besides, the whole other dimension of reality used the same kind of money, even if they spoke different languages. Raven knew every single language in the whole dimension, so she was set. She hung the pouch around her neck like a bracelet and tucked it under her shirt.

Finally, she grabbed her coat when she came to the coat hanger near the front door. When she opened the door, she saw a crazy city before her. But she was ready. She took one step outside and she was free...

Raven $age & the Other Dimension:
Part 1: Trouble in the City
Part 2: The Adventure Takes Flight
Part 3: Flying

*a raw e-fiction post - not yet edited or reviewed, be the first to comment or just enjoy the read

*svb = vvb's 12yr old daughter

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