Monday, January 11, 2010

Steampunk Weekly - 01.11.10

New Babbage - A Steampunk City in Second Life

I haven't played Second Life but if I did, I would most likely join this world.

More videos:

Brightest Young Things is highlighting...

So-all steamy and punky videos all week.

They are starting out with a music video of Coin-Operated Boy by Dresden Dolls. I like their 1930s cabaret style.

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*my weekly post on things steampunk (Victorian sci-fi/fantasy)

*totally inspired by steampunk posts written by Celia of adventures of cecelia bedelia


  1. Oh, man, I LOVE the Dresden Dolls. Coin-Operated Boy is super fun (though I think I would have went with Girl Anachronism -- maybe not). Love the necklace. I have been toying around with making a brass one with antique skeleton keys, so as I can find said keys to my liking (that don't cost a fortune).

  2. I just finished Boneshaker! Just thought I'd share this on your Steampunk weekly! he he!

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