Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taboo by Tara Maya

The Unfinished Song:
Taboo (Book 2)
by Tara Maya

Published: 2011
Genre: Fairies, Fantasy, YA
Rating: 4

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Description from the amazon:
Enemy tribesmen attacked the Initiates during the ritual Test to find magic users. Dindi’s dreams are in shambles. In despair, she decides to step into the forbidden faery ring, and dance herself to death with the fae. Then she discovers another choice that saves her life…but breaks the ultimate taboo.

After being unfairly exiled from his own people, Kavio may have found a new home, but only if he can protect it from another attack by the enemy. He gathers a small group to venture deep into the heart of enemy territory in search of the ultimate prize…peace.

But by the harsh laws of their land, one cannot both break taboos and keep the peace. They will have to choose, what, or whom, to betray.

The Unfinished Song series:
Sacrifice - Summer 2011

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): betrayal
I liked the character development in this ensemble cast of humans, fae and shapeshifters. Kavio remains my favorite hero, so far.

This second book in the series also gets a bit more detailed with the history and lore of the different tribes.

I would love to see the dances described. And, hear the type of music that would be played. I wonder if Tara might consider making a book trailer with the sights and sounds of her characters.

Left me hanging at the end.

*looking left and right and then up and down for book 3*


* review copy courtesy of author

* read the Tara's guest post that includes character, Rthan

* part of Fairy Tales in Bruges (the sequel) event


  1. Oooh, I hate being left hanging at the end of a book and frothing in anticipation for the next installment to hit the stands! Seems like you're waiting F.O.R.E.V.E.R.
    :P lol

    Sounds like an interesting read :D

  2. Cliffhanger!!! Don't fall off!


  3. I think a booktrailer would be great for this book too :) I think I would like the music written about

  4. I must add this to my TBR. I love reading about faeries and shapeshifters. Seems like an intriguing read. However, I hate cliffhangers! Waiting is so painful!

  5. I hear you on wanting to hear the music/see the dances -- those are my favorite details in books and it kills me if I can't quite envision it!

  6. I"m loving these reviews of these books. Want to get them!

  7. I agree on the left hanging part. I've been looking for book 3 as well. If you see it let me know!


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