Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sounds like Zombies in July

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Put on your listening ears... (click on titles to hear samplers)

by Peter Clines
Narrated by Jay Snyder

The Infection
by Craig DiLouie
Narrated by Peter Ganim

by Peter Clines

Domain of the Dead
by Iain McKinnon

Valley of the Dead:
The Truth Behind Dante's Inferno
by Kim Paffenroth

Twilight of the Dead
by Travis Adkins

After Twilight:
Walking with the Dead
by Travis Adkins

Patient Zero:
The Joe Ledger Novels, Book 1
by Jonathan Maberry

Allison Hewitt Is Trapped:
A Zombie Novel
by Madeleine Roux

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:
Dreadfully Ever After
by Steve Hockensmith

Day By Day Armageddon
by J L Bourne

Beyond Exile:
Day by Day Armageddon
by J. L. Bourne

Plague of the Dead:
The Morningstar Strain, Book 1
by Z. A. Recht


  1. Hooray for Zombies! Glad to see Dreadfully Ever After there. I just won the Pride and Prejudice and Zombie series :D

  2. Whoa! Creepy and cool!
    Maybe one day I will actually read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

  3. OMG!! I think I might pass out! This makes me so excited! No I can wear my zombie lunchbox beanie and listen to Zombie stories, all I'll need is a cup of tea :)

  4. Sounds interesting! D:


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