Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Tea and Cupcakes

Mr. Goodbody walks gingerly over to Edward's table and tries to seat himself inconspicuously. But nevertheless, the female heads turn to watch.

Dash Goodbody at your service, sir! Thank you for the invitation, I fear Susie has quite forgotten my order.

Did my ears hear correctly you mention something along the line of zombies?

Edward puts his paper aside and proceeds to pour Dash a cup.

Zombies? Well Mr Goodbody, that depends. Are you a believer?

Just then, Mrs O'Grady pushes a dessert cart around the room with the treat of the day.

My dears, today we have special cupcakes made especially from our visiting guest from Italy, Chef Vaporetto Malatesta!

Everyone claps with delight.

The cart also holds this cake creation by the Chef...

Chef Malatesta visits each table to meet and greet all the guests today.

When he reaches Edward and Dash...

Are we talking zombies? Because I just took this (disappears into the kitchen and returns) out of the oven...

Just then, Susie returns from outside with the timepiece still in hand.

Edward calls Susie over to find out what happened.

It is a mystery, sir. Honorable Cogsmith said that he found his timepiece in his pocket. Funny though, because this one is a spitting image of his.

Hmmm, may I take a look? Susie hands the timepiece to Edward and continues on her rounds about the dining room.

Dash leans forward with interest and says, I know of a detective if you are in need of one. And then he turns to the Chef while stroking his mustache and says, Now, I would love a slice of that!

The Steampunk Detective
by Darrell Pitt

An orphan. The world’s greatest detective. A planet dominated by airships, steam powered spacecraft and towers that stretch into orbit.

Welcome to the world of The Steampunk Detective.

Jack Mason is an orphan wanting a new life. Ignatius Doyle is an aging detective who needs an assistant. When Jack goes to work for Mr Doyle, he has no idea what lies ahead.

They are called in to locate a missing scientist by his daughter, the beautiful Scarlet Bell. As Jack and Mr Doyle investigate, they discover links to Leonardo da Vinci and the Phoenix Society, a clandestine organisation that has been secretly developing technology for centuries.

As they close in on the missing scientist, they discover other forces at play. The Nazis want the technology of the Phoenix Society as does the mysterious Napoleon of Crime, Professor M.

With the world teetering on the verge of war, a weapon of mass destruction is stolen from the Phoenix Society and London held to ransom.
Will Jack and Mr Doyle find the missing scientist? Will they track down the weapon before London is destroyed? And what is the true identity of Professor M?

Filled with references to Sherlock Holmes and the world of Victorian literature, The Steampunk Detective is an action packed adventure for readers of all ages as it brings together a boy in need of a family and a man in need of a son.

fyi: ebook is currently available for 99 cents at Smashwords


* image source steampunk cupcake, zombie cake, steampunk cake

* side note on Dash:
Dash Goodbody - Uncommonly handsome scoundrel, cad and general layabout. Best noted for his luxurious black handlebar moustache and unparalled success with the ladies.

* side note on Chef:
Chef Vaporetto Malatesta, mad candymaker with a terrible sweet tooth, hopes to find inspiration for new and steamy desserts.

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  1. I wonder if someone slipped me a copy.... I'm being set-up, dagnabbit!!!!
    I'm not so hungry after all... maybe I'll resist the sweets, for now.

  2. Edward notices that the Honorable Cogsmith has returned to the tea shop. He waves him over to show him the timepiece Susie found. They puzzle over which is the real one?

    Sir, we may have to visit my friend, Mr Zink at Klockwerks on High Street.

  3. Chef Vaporetto wonders if he could join Cogsmith and the others. He had to visit Mr Zink anyway. Nobody knows that years ago they used to work together on the development of a special timepiece at Klockwerks. And Cogsmith's timepiece resembles one of his previous designs! Did Mr Zink succeed?

  4. Edward welcomes the tagalong of Chef Vaporetto to Klockwerks as his interest in the "special timepiece" mentioned has been picqued.

  5. Dash clears his throat, begins to speak then thinks better of it. Casually, without taking his eyes off the mad chef's astounding creation - he pats the hidden pocket inside his waistcoat, the pocket usually given over to love letters and monogrammed kerchiefs ready to console discarded lovers.

    Yes, excellent. Zink's duplicate is still there. No sense letting on to the other chaps, though Dash can't help but wonder WHICH timepiece is the true original?

    Dash helps himself to a forkful of cake, careful to keep his gorgeous moustache free from tell tale crumbs.

  6. You had me at airships!


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