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Seeking Narwal: Sixth Sea

Seeking Narwal
a monthly saga
posted on the 7th of each month - until the narwal is found
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The search continues for the narwal and stolen treasure...

Our Capt Vix is in a temper most foul.


She is presently on her way to a tavern, Esme's Cove, on that Persian Gulf island straight ahead.

She seeks information...

Specifically, the whereabouts of a certain Narwal.

Just who is this Narwal that has our captain searching the seven seas for?

Our last voyage found us in hot pursuit of The Flying Elephant. When the Rusty Dagger met The Flying Elephant in port at Goa, India it was too late.

Narwal escapes yet again!

Apparently, the Narwal was indeed aboard The Flying Elephant upon leaving Triton's Tavern in May. But, midway he boarded the Balclutha bound for another desitination.

The destination unknown to the captain and crew of The Flying Elephant. Well, save for one. A crew member who disembarked from The Flying Elephant a couple days ago and was bound for Esme's Cove.

Hence, the current location of the Rusty Dagger in the sixth of the seven seas - the Persian Gulf.

Which begs the question again, who is this rascal Narwal who seems to dodge our captain's clutches?

Meanwhile the Rusty Dagger and loyal crew are anchored offshore from the island to await the return of our captain.

To escape the heat and enjoy the free time, some crew members dive into the water and discover the wonders of the many coral reefs below.


The Persian Gulf, in Southwest Asia, is an extension of the Indian Ocean located between Iran (formerly called Persia) and the Arabian Peninsula.

The Persian Gulf has many good fishing grounds, extensive coral reefs, and abundant pearl oysters...-per wikipedia


In another part of the world, another pirate has an adventure all his own.

Meet Captain Acorne here...

--~ Book Giveaway courtesy of author ~--

Sea Witch
by Helen Hollick
re-released version

The first voyage of Captain Jesamiah Acorne, pirate, scoundrel and charming rogue, from acclaimed historical fiction author Helen Hollick.

A meticulously researched, full-blooded adventure full of heart-stopping action, evil villains, treasure and romance.

Win a copy of this book!

Open to all.

Offer ends: July 31, 2011

Visit a Helen Blog Tour stop, leave a comment there and tell me where you went.

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C R E W:
AimeeKay of How can you help?
Audra of Unabridged Chick
Freda of Freda's Voice
Giada of Dr. Stravagante's Traveling Book Circus
Jo of Fluidity of Time
Kulsuma of sunshine and stardust
Sullivan McPig of Pearls Cast Before a McPig

Crew duties:
Report in for duty: comment below with a link to a picture of coral

IF you are not on the crew but would like to send an image of coral, please feel free to share.

Join the crew and earn points towards the Seeking Narwal prize during the tour of the seven seas.

Crew member sightings:

AimeeKay's find...

Freda's find...

Giada's find...

who's next?


* image source Persian Gulf, crew

* a mini-challenge for the Iron Seas Challenge

W A N T E D:

* if you've read Iron Duke by Meljean Brook post your link here to enter to win the next book in the series - Heart of Steel

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