Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Billboard: Every Savage Can Reproduce


Almost swerved off the road from this billboard advert!

Pride and Prejudice fans may be interested in this latest steamy Darcy treat from Enid...

Every Savage Can Reproduce
(Pride and Prejudice-inspired Science Fiction)
by Enid Wilson
Release date: September 2011

In an alternate universe, fans of famous works take full control and, unrestrained by the superego of canon, run riot. It annihilates the conventional set of literary genres and organically makes up new ones, which form a kind of map of human fictional compulsions. – Adapted from Time Magazine, 2011

In the futuristic society on Planet Earth, Elizabeth Bennet is accused of luring Fitzwilliam Darcy to an illegal establishment, which leads to their exile deep in the center of a rebel planet. The subsequent galactic war exposes dark secrets regarding the autocratic Queen Immortal. Will Elizabeth and Darcy discover their love for one another and find their way back to Earth?

Set in the 39th Century, this novel is a tale of Pride and Prejudice-inspired science fiction, where Jane Austen’s characters take on new lives but still face the barrier of class distinction and seek to overcome their faults, as in the original classic.

Originally written as a “choose-your-own” adventure, Wilson’s sexy new take on Austen’s classic received over 20,000 of page views and votes regarding the development of each chapter when it was posted in online forums.

With over 5000 copies of her works sold, Wilson’s novels, Bargain with the Devil has been ranked in the top 50 best-selling historical romances on Amazon USA, Really Angelic in the top 30 best-selling Regency romances on Amazon Canada, My Darcy Mutates… in the top 21 romantic short stories on Amazon UK and Fire and Cross in the top 39 British detective mysteries on Amazon.


* image source billboard

* stay tuned: giveaway for this book will be posted during the annual Pemberley Ball in November ;-D

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  1. What a great twist on the Darcy theme - love the futuristic aspect :D

  2. I love P&P. This one seems like an interesting twist to the classic.

  3. mbreakfiled, MAD, Misha and vvb, I'm dancing around in cold Sydney. Thanks for the post and comments. Perhaps Mr. Darcy carries a laser gun and agrees to come for the ball...

  4. This book looks great! I love new twists on the classics!

  5. Thanks Aimee, very liberal thinking!

  6. I have no doubt that Enid has written another fabulous book. Yay! Love the billboard. How cute!

  7. Looks like something to put on TBR list.

  8. Thanks Helen, Alex and Krysykat for dropping by. Velvet is great with her promo ad...


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