Tuesday, July 26, 2011

rrRoad Trip Mixed Tape: Indian Lake

Break out the tambourines for this tune from Rebecca Everything To Do With Books

Indian Lake
performed by The Cowsills

You take a bus marked "Lakewood Drive"
And you keep on drivin' till you're out of the city
Where the air is fine with the sweet smellin pine
And the countryside's pretty
And you'll see daffodils peepin over
The hills or a honey lovin' mama bear

You take a left at the bridge
Go down to Quakerforn Ridge
And in a minute you're there
(dupe do be do do do )

Indian Lake is a scene
You should make with your little one
Keep it in mind if you're lookin to find
A place in the summer sun
Swim in the cove have a snack in the grove
Or you can rent a canoe at Indian Lake
You'll be able to make the way the Indians do


* entry for giveaway of Paper Towns by John Green - what song would you want on your mixed tape?

* lyrics source

* image source mixed tape created by crayon chewer

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  1. Another one I hadn't heard of.

  2. Wow - I'd forgotten all about the Cowsills, but I don't think I'd ever heard this particular song before.

  3. I had never heard of this song either, but now I am a fan.

  4. I really like it, I have another new favorite song!


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