Saturday, July 30, 2011

Klockwerks, perhaps?

Steampunk Shelf Clock
by Clockwerks

Dash clears his throat, begins to speak then thinks better of it. Casually, without taking his eyes off the mad chef's astounding creation - he pats the hidden pocket inside his waistcoat, the pocket usually given over to love letters and monogrammed kerchiefs ready to console discarded lovers.

Yes, excellent. Zink's duplicate is still there. No sense letting on to the other chaps, though Dash can't help but wonder WHICH timepiece is the true original?

Dash helps himself to a forkful of cake, careful to keep his gorgeous moustache free from tell tale crumbs.


Edward carefully folds his paper and puts it down beside his empty tea cup. He looks at Mrs O'Grady's clock made by the before mentioned Mr Zink for Klockwerks to check the time.

The Honorable Cogsmith is now in conversation with Lord Percival Ravenscraig about the identical timepieces in question since the post where the cupcakes were served. Lord Ravenscraig being a sort of tinkerer carefully inspects both timepieces in silence.

Edward dabs his mouth with his napkin and turns to Dash.

I say, Dash, I have a bit of time before I must go fetch my brother, would you like to join Chef Vaporetto and me to Klockwerks to see if we could solve the mystery of Cogsmith's timepiece and its twin?


Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos
A Maker's Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts
by Thomas Willeford
Release date: November 2011

This do-it-yourself steampunk guide shows you how to create your own retro-futuristic gear!

Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos: A Maker’s Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts is filled with hands-on instructions for making one-of-a-kind steampunk devices, jewelry, and fashion items. In this book, steampunk bodger Thomas Willeford takes you by the hand and guides you through the creation of a variety of customizable steampunk projects. The book provides information on background, tools, and raw materials, then leads you, step by step, through 8 innovative projects.

- Answers the all-important, often-asked question, "Where do I get those parts?"

- Demonstrates how to use the simplest tools to create the coolest results

- Explains how to look at an object and see what it "really wants to be"

- Provides a variety of step-by-step, affordable projects that you can customize to match your own vision

- Imparts the aesthetics of steampunk design so the project doesn't end up looking like a "pile of cogs"


* side note on Lord Ravenscraig:
Lord Percival Ravenscraig, who is heir to an earldom, goes against convention and invents glorious machines in what used to be his castle's dungeons.

* first spotted Klockwerks at The Steampunk Home

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  1. Now that is a lovely clock. And I do hope Edward can help solve the mystery.... I am quite curious myself, and also wondering if I should seek some counsel. I sure hope I haven't been framed by time.

  2. Klockwerks...isn't that an interesting place!
    Vaporetto hopes that they are going to find some answers and solve the mystery.

  3. yes, the sounds from that klockwerks fits just right too!

  4. "While I prefer to amuse myself with the complexities of womankind, it so happens I now find myself more interested in the complexity of this confounded timepiece business!" replied Dash.

  5. I want to visit Klockwerks, I can take an airship or a train to it, it would be so fun!

  6. I can't wait 'til steampunk gear, gadgets and gizmos comes out!


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