Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pre-Pemberley Ball: The Road to Pemberley

While traveling to Derbyshire in which the Pemberley Ball will be held this evening, we encounter Lady Freda Fluffinstuff. She is the wife of Lord Vincent Fluffinstuff. They just left Bolton where they enjoyed a pleasant visit with family.

The Fluffinstuffs enjoy tea parties and socials.

Oh, how we love dancing!

Lady Freda cannot wait to meet Mr. Darcy.

I hear he is charming.

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An Anthology of New Pride and Prejudice Stories
by Marsha Altman
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TO DO: (2-parts)

1. RSVP to the Pemberley Ball (if you have not already done so) here

2. Answer at least 3 Darcy questions during the Pemberley Ball including the one below.


Contest has ended - winner is here


A Romantic, Engaging and Witty Collection of New Short Stories that Feature Jane Austen Most Beloved Characters

Including over a dozen stories from both emerging and established Regency romance authors, this new anthology celebrates Jane Austen with a series of brilliant adaptations. Austen’s masterpiece has spawned an entire genre of literature, and The Road to Pemberley brings together the best of the best from published and new writers alike to create a cornucopia of intrigues starring familiar characters from Pride and Prejudice.

England during the Regency Era, with its country estates, horse-drawn carriages, and formal balls, continues to captivate modern readers and The Road to Pemberley brings this fabled world to life in all its glory. Each author shows us another side of the Pride and Prejudice story as it would have continued, from Darcy and Elizabeth's first year at Pemberley to the personal tales of characters like George Wickham, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Darcy's personal valet. Join a cast of familiar and unfamiliar faces navigating a host of new social quandaries, old personal dilemmas, and exciting adventures.

Tales within:

The Pemberley Ball by Regina Jeffers

But He Turned Out Very Wild by Sarah A. Hoyt

A Long, Strange Trip by Ellen Gelerman

An Ink-Stained Year by Valerie T. Jackson

The Potential of Kitty Bennet by Jessica Keller

A Good Vintage Whine by Tess Quinn

Georgiana's Voice by J.H. Thompson

Secrets in the Shade by Bill Friesema

A View from the Valet by Nacie Mackey

Beneath the Greenwood Trees by Marilou Martineau

Father of the Bride by Lewis Whelchel

Pride and Prejudice Abridged by Marsha Altman


Mr. Darcy
played by Peter Cushing
Pride and Prejudice (1952)

Mr. Darcy wants to know…

What mode of transportation will you take to get to the Pemberley Ball? barouche? carriage? phaeton? other?


* image source: gown for Lady Freda Fluffinstuff (aka Freda from Freda's Voice), Mr. Darcy

~~- Pemberley Ball schedule -~~


  1. Lady Vee will be taking a phaeton ride. Hopefully, the trip will be uneventful so that she will arrive on time.

  2. I do hope Lord Vincent doesn't mind if I save a notch on my dance card for Mr. Darcy....
    Lady Vee, if you have room for us to join you, that would be appreciated. Otherwise we will have to rent a carriage for the eve, as ours is in repair.
    Still, I look forward to seeing you all there. I can fill you in on my travels to Bolton, where I saw my cousins.

    1. Alas, the phaeton may not be a good option to accommodate us all. However, let us order a carriage so that I may hear the details of your travels and your cousins.

  3. I will be arriving in my barouche. The very latest in style & elegance.

  4. The traveling carriage that is a bit out dated with Tom the coachman holding the reins will bring us steadily on to Pemberley.

  5. My aunt and I shall be arriving by carriage as my aunt does not wish to be too exposed to weather. I look forward with great anticipation seeing Pemberley and its magnificent grounds.

  6. Princess LĂșthien wishes to arrive in style befitting her status so an elegant carriage is chosen complete with accompanying footmen.

  7. Hello, Lady Genoviece Greenly here, I did mention to Gi in my RSVP that we would arrive in my Aunt Augustas barouche, but if you are, indeed, concerned, I shall tell you now, Mr. Darcy, to ease any worries you might have for your guests' safety. Thank you for your concern.


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