Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pemberley Ball: Mr. Darcy, I Presume


The party festivities continue. And, we have yet to spot Mr. Darcy.

Ladies who are not dancing, chatting with acquaintances and friends, or taking refreshment stand apart people watching or perhaps flirting.

One such person is Miss Agnes Wilby.

A little about her...

I am Agnes Wilby - not a very promising name.

No doubt a wallflower in the making. Though I do love to attend parties & balls.

I would love to meet Mr. Darcy, but no doubt it is Mr. Collins I will attract.

Sure enough, Agnes glances to her right and catches the eye of Mr. Collins. She quickly averts her eyes in hopes that he does not take it upon himself to cross the room to add his name to her dance card.

She silently prays that she could melt into the wall behind her.

Then she feels a tap upon her sleeve.

She turns to see Lady Vee.

My dear Miss Agnes, have you had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Darcy?

Out from behind Lady Vee, Mr. Darcy appears with a friendly nod.


Should Lady Vee introduce you to Mr. Darcy, are you prepared for this exciting encounter?

If not, perhaps this gem of a book may be of use...

Finding Mr. Darcy
Jane Austen's Guide to Dating for the Modern Girl
by Amanda Hooton
Amazon | Goodreads

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

Unless, of course, he's gay. Or has a girlfriend. Or is neck deep in twice weekly psychoanalysis and entirely unfit for public interaction.

How does the modern day heroine find her way in a dating world where the rules change faster than she can update her status on Facebook, and there's not a single Georgian ballroom, empire-line dress or pantalooned man in sight?

Intrepid former dater and award-winning journalist Amanda Hooton turns to the ageless wisdom of Jane Austen to solve the eternal dilemmas of romance: how to be as clever as Elizabeth Bennet, as dignified as Elinor Dashwood and as confident as Emma Woodhouse; how to avoid shagging Mr Wickham, marrying Mr Collins, or being dumped by Willoughby; and most importantly of all, how to find Mr Darcy, grapple him to your soul with hoops of steel, and become the part-owner of a country estate in Derbyshire.

If you've ever wondered why your love life doesn't more closely resemble a Jane Austen novel, this is the book for you. Charming, laugh-out-loud hilarious and entirely empathetic, Finding Mr Darcy is a witty, street smart and, above all, wise approach to modern dating, which proves that some things - especially the pursuit of love - really are timeless.

WIN this book.

Open to all.

Offer expires: Nov 30, 2014

TO DO: (2-parts)

1. RSVP to the Pemberley Ball (if you have not already done so) here

2. Answer at least 3 Darcy questions during the Pemberley Ball including the one below.


Contest has ended - winner is here



Mr. Darcy
played by Matthew Macfadyen
Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Mr. Darcy wants to know…

Which Bennet sister would you like to chat with at the ball?


* image source: silhouette, gown for Agnes Wilby (aka Mary Preston), Mr. Darcy

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