Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pemberley Ball reminder

Pemberley Ball
November 15-18, 2014

multiple event postings will be up each day
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(if possible, pop in for 5 minutes)

- an interactive blog party
- a Darcy love-fest
- prize trinkets

RSVP and details here


Lady Vee is pleased to announce that to date she has received RSVPs from the following:

Lady Freda Fluffinstuff (from Freda's Voice)

Lady Bianca Hyde (from Happy.Pretty.Sweet)

Duchess DeBorde with possible appearance of Leggs (from Mary Ann DeBorde Writes and Reads!)

Honorable Miss Sophia Maitland (from Delighted Reader)

Agnes Wilby

AND, she is looking forward to receiving yours...


* sure to be a blast for Jane Austen fans

* source of Bingley and Darcy comic, letter delivery from Pride and Prejudice Watercolor Illustrations by C. E. Brock

~~- Pemberley Ball schedule -~~

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Images from: Lovelytocu