Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pemberley Ball: Refreshments

Let us proceed into the dining room for some refreshments. The energetic dancing has left us parched.

The tables are laden with savory and sweet delights. Lady Vee has started a plate with some poached salmon, vegetables, biscuits and cheeses... to start.

After you procure a cup of lemonade Lady Vee would like to introduce you to a most unusual guest...

Princess LĂșthien, an immortal elf from a different world, discovered a time portal which open its door to London in 1800s. After familiarising with social mores of this strange land, she accepted the most enticing invitation to Pemberley.

She wishes to become acquainted with two of the most eligible bachelors that is the talk of London - Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley. She would not mind a brief flirtation with them as she knew she will be destined to travel on to other strange lands.


Much ado surrounds a table set off in the corner of the room.

Shall we take a look?

The table offers a 8″ square chocolate swirl cake, trimmed to create a book shape and covered in sugarpaste accordingly created by Cutest Cakes Every Day.

Oh dear! a nearby lady proclaims.

Whatever can this mean? another lady wonders as she fans herself wildly.

Lady Vee decides to take matters into her own hands and has the cake quickly removed from sight to prevent any more upset from the ladies present - especially those present for the express purpose of meeting Mr. Darcy.


Let us take turn about dining tables to see what other tasty bites are on display.

As we stand in indecision as to whether to get a tartlet or custard, we overhear Lady Bianca in conversation with Kitty Bennet.

How exciting!

My name is Lady Bianca Hyde, and I love attending balls.

It just so happens that I recently ordered a new gown from my dressmaker.

Lady Bianca twirls in place and Kitty giggles and claps her hands in delight.

By the way, have you seen Mr. Darcy?


Here is a book Lady Vee highly recommends you add to your Wish list as it includes vital information on the doings at balls created by the highly esteemed Jane Austen.

A Dance with Jane Austen:
How a Novelist and Her Characters Went to the Ball
by Susannah Fullerton
Amazon | Goodreads


Mr. Darcy
played by Orlando Seale
Pride and Prejudice (2003)

Mr. Darcy wants to know…

What delectable treat do you wish to find at the dessert table to satisfy your sweet tooth?


* image source: lady silhouette, gown for Princess LĂșthien (aka LĂșthien of My Love for Jane Austen), gown for Lady Bianca Hyde (aka Midnight Cowgirl from Happy.Pretty.Sweet), cake, Mr. Darcy

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