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Winner's Pick Giveaway: Rookie Club series by Danielle Girard

To celebrate the latest release, book 5, Everything to Lose from the Rookie Club series, I have a winner's pick giveaway offer!

Here is your chance to meet one of these extraordinary female cops...

Dead Center
The Rookie Club, Book 1
by Danielle Girard
Amazon | Goodreads

Fifteen years ago, the Rookie Club began as a tight-knit band of female cops struggling for respect from their male peers. Jamie Vail was one of them. So was Natasha Devlin, the woman Jamie caught in bed with her husband.

When Natasha Devlin turns up dead, Jamie wants nothing to do with the investigation. As a seasoned inspector in the sex crimes department, Jamie is facing her own terrifying case—female officers are being brutalized by a stranger leaving no clues. The Rookie Club is under attack, possibly by one of their own.

Now, Jamie must confront her past and solve the murder of her ex-husband's lover before she becomes the killer's ultimate prize.

One Clean Shot
The Rookie Club, Book 2
by Danielle Girard
Amazon | Goodreads

Fifteen years ago, Hailey Wyatt was a member of the Rookie Club, a tight-knit band of female cops struggling for respect from their male peers.

Now, a seasoned Homicide Inspector and a new widow, Hailey is forced to reopen a case involving two of San Francisco's most powerful residents.

Since her husband's death, Hailey has relied heavily upon her in-laws for help. But when the bodies begin piling up and her father-in-law seems at the center of it all, Hailey must choose between pursuing justice and protecting a secret that could ruin them all.

Dark Passage
The Rookie Club, Book 3
by Danielle Girard
Amazon | Goodreads

Rookie Club member Cameron Cruz was devastated when her lover was killed during an undercover assignment. Pregnant with his child, she finds the strength to give birth to her son and return to Special Ops.

As Cameron's team works to shut down a human trafficking operation, she witnesses the shooting of a fellow officer. The man holding the gun - her dead lover - very much alive. Caught between the love she still feels for her son's father and doing what she knows is right, Cameron races to unravel her lover's connection to the human traffickers and lands at the department's front door, with her own life on the line.

The Rookie Club, Book 4
by Danielle Girard
Amazon | Goodreads

Seventy-two guns were stolen from a San Francisco police storage facility. Now murders are spiking. The only connection: all the perps claim the stolen guns were anonymously left for them to do with as they pleased.

Mei Ling, now head of the SFPD's Computer Forensics Team, and newest member of The Rookie Club, sees another connection when a network-hacking device is found installed in the storage facility.
Then bullets start crashing through Mei's home, convincing her she's right. Now Mei just needs to find the hacker before becoming the next murder victim.

Everything to Lose
The Rookie Club, Book 5
by Danielle Girard
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Socialite Charlotte Borden is brutally attacked then brought to the hospital by a man the police assume is her attacker. Jamie Vail, SFPD's Sex Crimes Inspector, recognizes the man as her adopted son's biological father.

With Charlotte in a coma, Jamie races to uncover the girl's last waking moments. But every clue leads home, where her son grows more and more elusive.

Desperate to be wrong, Jamie must dig deep before her son lands behind bars, or worse.

About the author:
As one of four children, Danielle Girard grew up in a house where the person with the best story got heard, and it's probably no surprise that fast-paced suspense stories have always been her favorite.

Girard's books have won the Barry Award and been selected for the RT Reviewers Choice Award.

Two of her novels have been optioned for movies.

Visit Danielle: Website | Facebook Fan Page
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