Sunday, November 30, 2014

Toothache Man by Sal Conte

Toothache Man
by Sal Conte

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Published: 2011
Publisher: White Whisker Books
Genre: Horror, Short Story
Rating: 5

There is no pain like toothache pain.

Jim Roberts is a victim of today's economy. While he's lucky enough to have a job, his job has been keeping him temp for two years to avoid paying medical benefits. When Jim gets a terrible toothache, a friend tells him about the Toothache Man, an unlicensed dentist where people like Jim can have their dental problems solved for a song. Unfortunately, the Toothache Man turns out to be a lot more than Jim bargained for—with an old fashioned dentist’s chair, and a penchant for pain. Jim is about to discover a toothache is the least of his problems.

My two-bits:

Twisted humor, horror and ending emanates from this short story. I found this to be an entertaining quick read that left me with a hoot and holler ;-)


* review copy courtesy of author

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