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The Future for Curious People by Gregory Sherl

The Future for Curious People
by Gregory Sherl

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Just released: September 2, 2014
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Genre: magical realism
Paperback: 336 pages
Rating: 5

Meet Evelyn and Godfrey. Evelyn is breaking up with her boyfriend, who’s passing out advertisements for his band on a snowy street corner in Baltimore. She’s seen their dismal future together at Dr. Chin’s office--she and her boyfriend, both many years older, singing “Happy Birthday” to a Chihuahua and arguing about cheese. She hopes for more.

Meanwhile, Godfrey is proposing to his girlfriend, Madge, who’s not quite willing to take that leap; she wants to see their future together first--just to be sure they’re meant for each other.

The Future for Curious People follows Evelyn and Godfrey’s soon-to-be-entwined lives, set in motion by the fabulist premise of a world with envisionists like Dr. Chin. As the characters struggle with their pasts and possible futures, they wrestle with sorrow, love, death, and fate.

A novel that will capture you with its wit, its hopefulness, its anxious twists and turns, this love story is ultimately about finding happiness and accepting our fleeting existence.

Zombie sighting:

I just don't feel anything happening. Must be an epidemic or the zombie apocalypse.
-chapter: Godfrey - Learning To Abstract, location 1968 (kindle)

My two-bits:

Loved this book about love in respect to couple relationships.

It is one of those books gems with golden nuggets of wisdom sprinkled in most chapters. There are so many quotable passages that I really was really taken with - so many, that if I had a highlighter, most pages would be well colored.

The concept of envisionists and how they go about exploring our future selves was a fun one to think about during the read. Got me thinking of how some people go to fortune tellers for advice and guidance.


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