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Finishing School Read-Along

Finishing School Read-Along
November 1-30, 2014
hosted by Batch of Books
Wishful Endings
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Adding some steampunk reading into my already loaded schedule ;-)


Reading schedule:

Nov 1: Read-Along Launch
Nov 7: Curtsies, chapters 1-8
Nov 14: Curtsies, chapters 9 -16, epilogue, and final thoughts on the book
Nov 21: Waistcoats, chapters 1-8
Nov 28: Waistcoats, chapters 9-16 and final thoughts on book
Nov 29: Read-along wrap up
Nov 30: Giveaway winner announced

I have not read book one so I am going to squeeze that in somewhere.

Books to read:

Etiquette & Espionage
(Finishing School book 1)
by Gail Carrier
Amazon | Goodreads

My two-bits:
My rating: 5

So, I read this after reading book 2 (went backwards). But, this was totally fine and it felt like a big flashback scene.

Loved getting a little bit of history about Sophronia and her family and home base.

Also got a proper introduction to Soap - my favorite character.


Curtsies & Conspiracies
(Finishing School book 2)
by Gail Carrier
Amazon | Goodreads

My two-bits:
My rating: 5

First chapter: As I am starting this series with book 2 (will read book 1 right after), I found the first chapter a fun way to learn about the different girls involved. The assessment of each gave interesting descriptions of their personalities.

Characters: Each are presented so well that they are special and distinct. It's not hard to keep track of them. Each voice is unique.

Plot: Love it. Along with the mystery of trying to figure out what is going on, I love watching how Sophronia gets herself out of sticky situations.

Least favorite part: Not knowing who Sophronia picks - Soap or Felix.

Most favorite part: The dialogue. Totally love the humor infused in everything whether it be blatant or subtle.

Favorite lines: I admit that I am listening to the audio version. So, I can't pick any out easily. But, there are so many wonderful ones. BTW, the audio version is excellent! The narrator is perfect in capturing the voices of all the characters.

Predictions: Clueless. However, this is fine because I'm just along for the wild ride in store for us.

Other thoughts: I agree. I love the names, manners of speaking and etiquette described that Gail uses in her stories. Just the right amount of serious and whimsy.

The dialogue and banter is the most fun to read in this series.


Waistcoats & Weaponry
(Finishing School book 3)
by Gail Carrier
Amazon | Goodreads

My two-bits:
My rating:

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* non-participants are welcome to follow along and win a giveaway prize that will include all three books. I will post the giveaway link on this post when it goes up.

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