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Drowning by Jassy de Jong

by Jassy de Jong

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Release date: December 7, 2014
Publisher: Astor + Blue Editions
Genre: Erotica, Romance, South America
Paperback: 236 pages
Rating: 4.5

Sensuous but stifled New York City photographer Erin Mitchell thinks going to South Africa on assignment will be the perfect getaway. But when a flash flood washes away Erin’s vehicle and she is stranded at a luxury safari lodge, Erin’s romantic working vacation takes an interesting turn.

She awakens from her near-drowning and meets her rescuer, Nicholas--hot and brilliant, successful and caring -- not at all like her abusive husband. At Leopard Rock in the steamy South African heat, Erin faces the toughest choices of her life. Nicholas is ripped, he's smart and he's "no strings attached."

To give in, or not to give in drowns Erin’s senses as she struggles with two impossible goals: ignore the exquisite physical charms of her host, and conceal every last detail whenever her controlling husband calls. On the other side, Nicholas faces impossible choices of his own, as the bon-vivant playboy may just possibly collide with feelings more powerful than lust.

Erotic. Exotic. Wild.

Drowning sizzles in the African heat as one woman is stretched to the breaking point by the strength of her vows and the intensity of her seething primal desires.


My two-bits:

And now, for something different...

My last erotic reading was Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James a couple years ago. Thought it was time to mix up my current reading pattern of mostly YA and dystopia with something naughty.

I found that this book provided some steamy scenes with a storyline that dealt with lust and love. It fits the bill for an entertaining hot and fast read with characters who just can't resist that pull of love despite their circumstances.

I liked the setting of this story which was an estate in South Africa. I am left wanting to read more stories in a similar location to get a better sense of the land and culture.

This story also got me thinking of toxic relationships.

About the author:

Jassy de Jong lives in the countryside outside Johannesburg, South Africa, and shares her life with her wonderful partner Dion, two horses and two cats, one of whom is permanently stationed on her writing desk during office hours.

She enjoys traveling, cooking, cycling, and competes in dressage on her Thoroughbred, Msasa Magic.

Jassy was thirty-five years old before she met her soul-mate, and while kissing a few frogs along the way (who stayed frogs), she learned a lot about life, love and relationships. She adores writing about the incredible experience of falling in love, and believes that everybody deserves a happy ending... especially her heroines.


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