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Talk Like Jane Austen Day - 2014

Happy Talk Like Jane Austen Day

Celebrating the 203rd anniversary of the publishing of Sense and Sensibility


The official site has themed this year as "Snarky Jane". The site will post a different quote every hour here.


Dear Reader,

Today I present a couple quotes from Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

Colonel Brandon
played by David Morrisey
in Sense & Sensibility 2008 tv series

“’My protégé, as you call him, is a sensible man; and sense will always have attractions for me. Yes, Marianne, even in a man between thirty and forty. He has seen a great deal of the world; has been abroad; has read, and has a thinking mind. . . . I can only pronounce him to be a sensible man, well-bred, well informed, of gentle address, and I believe possessing an amiable heart.’”

-Elinor speaking to Marianne and Willoughby about Colonel Brandon
Sense & Sensibility, volume 1, chapter 10

Edward Ferrars
played by Dan Stevens
in Sense & Sensibility 2008 tv series

'I do not attempt to deny,' said she, 'that I think very highly of him — that I greatly esteem, that I like him.'

Marianne here burst forth with indignation —

'Esteem him! Like him! Cold-hearted Elinor! Oh! worse than cold-hearted! Ashamed of being otherwise. Use those words again and I will leave the room this moment.'

-thoughts on Edward Ferrars between Elinor and Marianne
Sense & Sensibity, volume 1, chapter 4

Hear some Jane-speak in the Sense and Sensibility 2008 tv series...

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Margaret Dashwood learned from her older sisters—sensible Elinor and romantic Marianne—that the path of true love is rarely easy or smooth. And yet Margaret grew up dreaming of one day finding love and romance of her own. Now, smarting from the pain of a broken engagement, Margaret has traveled to stay with her now-married sisters in order to heal.

But life is still far from smooth: John Willoughby, Marianne’s first love, has unexpectedly returned to once again complicate the Dashwood sisters’ lives. Colonel Brandon, Marianne’s husband, has been commissioned to apprehend a ruthless ring of smugglers operating in the neighborhood. And when a mysterious figure from Margaret’s past returns, Margaret realizes that she herself may hold the key to uncovering the smuggling gang. Worse, she comes to suspect that she faces an impossible choice of her own: not between sense and sensibility, but between duty and her own heart.

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* image source: characters from Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, Colonel Brandon, Edward Ferrars


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  1. I just realized when I went to Anna Elliot's page and saw her list of lovely backlist books that I have a book of hers already on my TBR pile with Georgiana as the heroine. I need to get busy and read it. ;)
    This one with Margaret as the heroine sounds fab. I love the smuggler mystery angle.

    I have to say that I am reminded once again from your quote choices that I still think Col. Brandon and Elinor were a better bet. ;)

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. sophiarose1816 at gmail dot com

  2. I found, that there is a second volume to Georgina Darcy's Diary and also, that Susana and the Spy is free today on Kindle.Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. I found a lot of books that I have added to my TBR list including the "Pride and Prejudice Chronicles" books.


  4. I found out that Mosquitos love her.
    I'd very much like to read her books :)
    dkstevensne AT outlook DOTcom


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