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Mercy Thompson: Homecoming by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson: Homecoming
by Patricia Briggs
illustrated by Francis Tsai

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Published: 2009
Publisher: Del Rey/Dabel Brothers
Genre: Graphic novel, Urban Fantasy, Werewolves
Hardback: 112 pages
Rating: 5
Based on Mercy Thompson book series

Mercy Thompson is a walker, a magical being with the power to transform into a coyote. She lives on the fine line dividing the everyday world from a darker dimension, observing the supernatural community while standing apart.

When Mercy travels to the Tri-Cities of Washington for a job interview, she quickly finds herself smack-dab in the middle of a gang war between rival packs of werewolves. And as if fangs and fur weren’t bad enough, Mercy must deal with the scariest creature of all: her mother, who is convinced that Mercy is making a mess of her life and determined to set her daughter on the right course.

The thrilling adventures of Mercy Thompson–Moon Called, Blood Bound, and Iron Kissed–have topped the New York Times bestseller list. Now Mercy makes her comics debut in an exclusive new story created by Patricia Briggs. Mercy Thompson: Homecoming is sure to please longtime fans and capture new ones with its mix of unforgettable characters and thrilling supernatural intrigue.


My two-bits:

This was a great way to get introduced to Mercy and the Mercy Thompson series. There were brief appearances from the main characters which left me wanting.

I got just the right amount of action and character descriptions to get me hooked. After reading this graphic novel, I definitely want to go to the book series to read more about this world.

The really interesting trait about Mercy is that she does not shift into a werewolf, but another creature. So, I am curious to learn about the special abilities and lore of that particular creature.

The illustrations were good as well and portrayed actions scenes, especially the shifting scenes really well (see sample comic page below).


* thanks to Sophia Rose for recommending this to me :-)

* added this to my Bookish Bingo challenge - square: Green Cover

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