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Book Appeal Game Giveaway

Ladies and Gentlemen!

WELCOME to the first Book Appeal Game Giveaway
here at vvb32 reads!

Step right up!

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Throw your name in the hat to participate!

If you do, you will be eligible to WIN one of these...

The World Will Be Watching

--~ Book Giveaway ~--

WIN one of the books above.

Open to all.

Offer ends: March 31, 2012

TO DO (2 parts):

1. Comment below and tell me which book you want.
Also tell me if you prefer print or ebook.
AND, leave your email (if I don't already have it)

2. Comment on the 5 posts that will be posted after this one regarding Book Appeal.

The posts will feature a book and you MUST comment on which of the three points appeals to you regarding the book...


Book Appeal post 1: The Wicked and the Just by J. Anderson Coats

Book Appeal post 2: The Fairy Godmother Dilemma: Catspell by Danyelle Leafty

Book Appeal post 3: Death Sentence by Rhiannon Paille

Book Appeal post 4: The Star by Javi Araguz and Isabel Hierro

Book Appeal post 5: Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt

OPTIONAL - for an extra entry you can also leave a comment or question for the author on the books featured


Contest has ended - winners are here



Just A Game
performed by Birdy
part of Hunger Games movie soundtrack

I don't know where I am
I don't know this place
Don't recognize anybody
Just the same old empty face

See these people they lie
And I don't know what to value anymore

There comes you to keep me safe from harm
There comes you to take me in your arms
Is it just a game?
I don't know
Is it just a game?
I don't know

He denies to break my heart
So hope's a guy coming
But I know I must play my part
My tears I must conceal

There comes you to keep me safe from harm
There comes you to take me in your arms
Is it just a game?
I don't know
To keep you safe from my heart

Take my hand and my heart races
Flames illuminate our faces
And we're on fire
Blow a kiss to the crowd
They're our only hope now

And now I know my place
And now I know my place
We're all just pieces in their games


* in celebration of the release weekend of the film version of Hunger Games

* lyrics from lyricsfreak


  1. K, I totally want Hunger Games... prefer print but will take what I can get lol.
    And I would love to ask Suzanne if she thought it would get this big when she wrote it? I saw a magazine today that said it's "the next Twilight". That is a compliment if you ask me.

  2. As I already have Hunger Games, I would like to have Catching Fire, I have a feeling these books are addictive and that once I'm done with Book #1 I'll need Book #2 :-D (and preferably paperback please)

    Thank you for the generous giveaway!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

    ps. and thanks for the video and the song, when seeing the movie I noticed how great the soundtrack was and this song is so haunting.

    What I would like to ask Suzanne is how different was it to write the script for the movie, was it hard cutting out parts of her beloved novels?

    And also I would love to hear about her plans for the future! :-)

  3. I would love CATCHING FIRE thank you, in print.

    I would like to ask Suzanne how much involvement she had in the transition from book to film?


  4. I'd love to play for the print version of Catching Fire please.

    I'd love to ask Ms. Collins how she got the inspiration to write the series.


  5. I would prefer a print copy of The Hunger Games, since I haven't read it yet, (GASP!! I know!)

  6. I'd choose Mockingjay, in print. As I still haven't read the last book. :)
    Thank you for the great giveaway!
    cayce006 at yahoo dot com

  7. i want to win the hungergames or the mockingjay.. i really want a copy, and a print version would be best :)

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  8. I would choose a print copy of Hunger Games. Thx for the AWESOME giveaway op! :)

    barbbattaglia @

  9. Right now, amidst all the movie hype, I'm trying to get the kids to read Hunger Games as I freaking LOVED IT :D

    I've only read the first one but sooooooooo tempted to pick up Catching Fire ;D

    And since I've got Hunger Games in print I'd love Catching Fire in print, too heh heh heh

    Thank you for all these yummy giveaways, Vii!!

  10. I prefer print but will take what I can get

  11. I've read these books in e-format but would love to get them in print so my mum can read them. Since she hasn't read the series, if I win., I'd like to get the first book (The Hunger Games) in print, please:) Thank you!

    Commented on Book Appeal 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 as IdentitySeeker.

    Best wishes!


    sarah DOT setar AT gmail DOT com

  12. I'd love Hunger Games in print.

    I commented on all 5.


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