Sunday, March 25, 2018

Blog All About It: Favorite Scent

I tweaked this prompt from favorite scent to future scent to experience.

I would love to visit Japan during the Cherry Blossom season someday...

For now, I explored the library for Japanese cherry blossoms.


Cherry Blossoms: Photographs by Jake Rajs
Cherry Blossoms of Kyoto - A Seasonal Portfolio: Photographs by Hidehiko Mizuno, Kayu Mizuno, Yasutaka Ogawa
Cherry Blossoms: Traditional Patterns in Japanese Design

And, for a Japanese mystery set in the 1600's, The Perfumed Sleeve by Lisa Joh Rowland (Amazon | Goodreads).

For something contemporary...

Tokyo Hearts
by Renae Lucas-Hall
-Romance, Japan
Amazon | Goodreads

A fascinating exploration of life in modern-day Japan, TOKYO HEARTS is a poignant love story that will catapult you directly onto the fashionable streets of this nation’s capital and into the hearts of Takashi and Haruka. Takashi is a young and popular university student who has fallen in love with his stylish and sophisticated friend Haruka. She is sweet and kind and adores shopping for high-end Japanese and Western brands. Every week, they meet up in the heart of Tokyo, enjoying each other’s company, and for Takashi, life is perfect. But the path to true love is never easy. When Takashi discovers that Haruka is seeing her wealthy ex-boyfriend from Kyoto, his life begins to turn upside down. This coming of age story traces the lives of Takashi and Haruka and their friends as they deal with young love and the ups and downs of growing up in Tokyo – truly one of the most stylish, energetic and exhilarating cities in the world.


Cherry Blossoms (2008)
Kirschblüten - Hanami (original title)
-Drama, Romance, Japan | imdb


Started an embroidery project of cherry blossoms. I will update this spot with photo when done.


The Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in San Francisco's Japan town on Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 1pm.


* part of the Blog All About It Challenge (here)


  1. I'd love to see cherry blossom actually in Japan too :-)
    I've read and enjoyed Japanese literature, but not yet visited the country. The closest is my WorldReads Japanese collection!

  2. I like how you tweaked the prompt. I'd love to go to Japan one day. Tokyo Hearts looks good and I love the look of your embroidery project-can't wait to see the finished result!

  3. This is a very aesthetically pleasing post. Love it!

  4. I've only scented lotion and body splash Cherry Blossom, but I've seen travelogues on the cherry blossom season in Japan and I understand why you want to experience it in person. :)

  5. OMG Japanese Cherry Blossom is my favoooooooooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiittttttteeeeeee

  6. Oh, I like how you tweaked this one. I think visiting Japan would be wonderful, and their Cherry Blossoms really are beautiful.


  7. I visited Japan 10 years ago, but it was during the summer so I didn't experience the cherry blossoms. I smelled a lot of fish, though!

    Clever twist on the prompt!

    Visting from linkup

  8. Creative post for the "favorite scent" theme.

  9. Ah cherry blossom sets off my hayfever something fierce. The smell is fine except it reminds me that I'm in for it! lol

  10. That is an excellent scent choice, along with some wonderful goals. I hope you are showered in cherry blossoms one day.


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