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Excerpt: Health And Fitness Tips That Will Change Your Life by James Atkinson

Health And Fitness Tips That Will Change Your Life:
Create a healthy lifestyle from beginner to winner with mind-set, diet and exercise habits
by James Atkinson
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How would you like a fitness and weight loss plan that’s easy to start, fun to do, personal to you and is guaranteed to give you real fitness results that will change your life forever?

What if you could finally achieve long term weight loss or other fitness goals? What if you could easily implement mind-set tricks, small diet tweaks and quick exercise routines to enhance your whole lifestyle? If you have ever wanted to achieve a fitness, weight loss or any other lifestyle goal but have never felt the outstanding satisfaction that comes with it, then this is the book for you!

Imagine making small, simple, positive changes to your lifestyle that will have a huge impact and last forever!

Would you like to make your fitness goals as easy as possible and have fun doing it? In this book, you will discover

• A full year of health and fitness tips ready and waiting for you
• A solid lifestyle blueprint for you to implement right away or use as a template
• A way to fit these small, life changing mind-set, diet and exercise tweaks easy into your life
• Ways to finally achieve Long term, unstoppable fitness success! If you are looking for a fitness and weight loss guide that has
• No starvation or crash dieting
• Exercise that suites YOU and helps YOU find your own way of exercising
• Easy to implement strategies on diet, exercise and mind-set • Diet, exercise and mind-set tips and tricks that are all laid out for you. (Some of these may surprise you)

Then again, this is for you!

I’m James Atkinson (Jim to my friends), a qualified fitness coach who has been in the fitness game for over twenty years spending time as a long distance runner, competing bodybuilder and I have helped thousands of people hit their fitness and exercise goals in my time as a coach and fitness author. Now it’s your turn! This book has been inspired by my past readers and clients. It has been such a privilege to be able to help others through these guides and see people achieve health and fitness goals that they thought were impossible.

I would like you to be the next success story!

If you would like to change your life and start to live a healthy balanced lifestyle that has the power to take your health and fitness levels far beyond your ambitions, grab the book, and I will see you on the inside. I’m really excited to start our journey together! Let’s get started! All the best Jim


From Jim – The main draw of the book for some readers may be the years’ worth of actionable fitness advice; “Health & Fitness Tips” also contains deeper value that outlines important lessons from my own experience influencing my entire outlook.

It is this experience that is at the heart of my work. I would like to share an excerpt from the book that highlights a powerful lesson that was not only a game changer for me but also draws attention to one of the Top five big mistakes that beginners to fitness, excise and weight loss make.

From the chapter – “The Top 5 Big Mistakes”

Back when I was taking on new clients for personal training, I was approached by a girl who was in her late teens. She was entirely new to fitness, very overweight, and uninitiated in the way of exercise and nutrition. From the first twenty seconds of our initial meeting, it was very clear that there was a lot of work to be done, and I felt that with her current mind-set, this was an impossible task. It takes a lot for me to say that something is impossible; even today, I am hard-pushed to say that someone “can’t” do something. To be honest, I admit to being over-optimistic in my overall outlook. However, in this instance, I had little hope.

We sat down, and I asked her a few questions about her goals and aspirations. The simple fact was that she wanted to slim down and have a healthier body in general. After a few more questions about her general lifestyle, I had a good idea of where to start with the exercise and told her, “I think the best thing that we can do right now is to do a three training session per week plan to start with. We will do a mix of light cardio, treadmill, cross trainer or bike – that kind of thing. And I also want to add some basic resistance training… with some of the dumb-bells and…”

“Can I just stop you there?” she interrupted, “I don’t want to get a six-pack or anything like that.”

This actually put me on the back foot, and this statement brought about the true import of this young ladies naivety. This was actually a defining moment for me as a personal trainer. Up until this point, I knew that a certain mind-set was required to attain even the most subtle of fitness progressions, and I assumed that everyone else did too. However, I was not prepared for this kind of a challenge as a personal trainer. Because of her lack of understanding of what it really takes to make physical changes, I know that she would not have been as reassured as she should have been by my answer: “Erm… It actually takes a lot more work than you would think to get any type of muscle definition, and abs are one of the trickiest parts of the body to develop visually. People who have six packs don’t have them by accident.”

I did want to go into an explanation of the benefits of weight training for fat loss and the theories behind it, but to be honest, these few words had taken away a lot of my hope and motivation. It wasn’t exactly the words that frustrated me so much, but it was what they represented.

I had been into extreme fitness for over ten years at this point, and I had always known that everybody knew that weight-loss, muscle-building, or any kind of impressive fitness result takes hard work and dedication. I also knew that everybody appreciated the efforts that I had put into my own training to have what I had; and this is why they sought me out for personal training sessions. It turned out that I was the naïve one here on several counts, and that beat me down a little bit more.

This experience had made me a better trainer. Leading up to this, I had studied training methods, kinesiology, learnt the names of muscle groups in Latin, I had GNVQs and certifications for advanced fitness instruction, and had taken and passed many practical and theoretical tests on fitness, exercise, and nutrition. Nevertheless, I was not taught some of the basic factors that would actually make the difference for some of my clients – “Mind-set and what to expect when starting out.”

It struck me that my personal experience in fitness and exercise counted for a lot more than my education, and this gave extra value to my clients. Although, it still took me a while to figure out how to best approach the situation of mind-set in a potential client such as this one.

About the author:
Based in Shropshire, James Atkinson is a certified fitness coach who has been actively involved in the health and fitness arena for over twenty years. Previously he served in the British Army as part of an airborne unit of 9 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers. He has written several fitness books including; Fitness & Exercise Motivation, Home Workout ForBeginners, Home Workout Circuit Training, Marathon Training & Distance Running Tips, Jim’s Weight Training Guide, Superset Style!, Jim’s Weight Training & Bodybuilding Workout Plan and Fitness For Women Of Any Age.

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