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Runaway by Aubrey Kendall

by Aubrey Kendall

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Just released: April 4, 2014
Publisher: self
Genre: YA
ebook: 365 pages
Rating: 4

At seventeen years old, Courtney Apuzzo is fed up. With a dead mom and an alcoholic father that beats her every chance he gets, Courtney decides that enough is enough. Packing up only what she needs, Courtney leaves home without telling a soul and heads off to find her new life.

Life on her own is not exactly as she thought it would be. With nowhere to stay, Courtney finds herself sleeping on an old stoop in an abandoned apartment alleyway. A chance meeting with a new group of friends seems like a great beginning to her second chance at a real life. But everything is not as it seems.

Tricked into a life she never wanted and fears, Courtney needs to run away, again. She needs to find a way out of this new and dangerous life. With the help from a man she barely knows, will Courtney find her way out? Or will she find herself on the run from a dangerous past, and a hopeless future? Faced with a choice that will change her life forever.


My two-bits:

A story that should be shared.

The harsh gritty reality of what happens to kids that force them to resort to being a runaway made this heartbreaking to read at times. Being a YA novel, the details and descriptions of certain scenes were not as graphically horrifying to read as it could have been. Yet, had an equivalent emotional response.

Reading about the life of what a runaway could go through was in some ways eye opening for me.

I found it hard to read at times in regards to the hopeless situation the main character was in, but was glad to see what became of her and how she forged forward despite it all in the end.


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