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Always Emily by Michaela MacColl

Always Emily
by Michaela MacColl

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Just released: April 8, 2014
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Genre: Historical, Mystery, YA
Hardback: 296 pages
Rating: 5

Emily and Charlotte Brontë are about as opposite as two sisters can be. Charlotte is practical and cautious; Emily is headstrong and imaginative. But they do have one thing in common: a love of writing. This shared passion will lead them to be two of the first published female novelists and authors of several enduring works of classic literature.

But they're not there yet. First, they have to figure out if there is a connection between a string of local burglaries, rumors that a neighbor's death may not have been accidental, and the appearance on the moors of a mysterious and handsome stranger. The girls have a lot of knots to untangle— before someone else gets killed.



My two-bits:

Great way to be introduced to members of the Brontë family. Portrayals of siblings, Charlotte, Emily, Branwell (excluding Anne) and their father, Rev. Brontë were given. Now, I am curious to read a more in-depth biography about the family.

The story is written with a light victorian gothic vibe. But also, presents strong female protagonists. Woot! girl power!

What I found intriguing in this story were the interactions between the family members and how that may have influenced each of their writing styles and content.

I liked the quotes that prefaced each chapter. They were from either Emily's Wuthering Heights or Charlotte's Jane Eyre which parallels the storyline quite well.

The author's note in the end was a treat. Michaela gave a bit of historical account of the Brontës in relation to the story which made me even more curious to read up on this family.

Note: I am feeling inspired to do a Brontë virtual book event in November. Feel free to let me know in comments if you want to participate with a guest post, giveaway, etc.


About the author:

Michaela MacColl studied multidisciplinary history at Vassar College and Yale University, which turns out to be the perfect degree for writing historical fiction.

She lives with her husband and two daughters in Connecticut.

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