Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don't Need Charging by Brad Berger

Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don't Need Charging
by Brad Berger

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Just released: January 2014
Publisher: Keller International Publishing Corp
Genre: Games
ebook: 100 pages
Rating: 5

When technology invaded the 21st century the world quickly went silent. People who once spoke to each other turned to electronic devices as their loving companions, and engagement and meaningful communication between each other ceased. The interruption of technology has become an epidemic among youth and adults alike. America’s obsession with connectivity is out of control, until now.

With 50 games that only require a pen and paper, people of all ages can enjoy one another’s company again without the interruption of technology. Armed with only creativity, humor, an ability to communicate, pen and paper and this book, for five minutes or five hours, you will be unplugged.

My two-bits:

The actual book felt more like a booklet rather than usual paperback. Meaning the cover was paper rather than the thicker paperback cover. However, the innards are great.

As the title suggests, no electronics are used for this brand of fun. It really forces the group of people to devote time to actually "be" together and away from phones and internet.

At most, paper and pen are used for some of the games and to keep track of points earned.

What makes this set of games interesting is the dialogue and conversation that can be generated from topics presented by individuals.


* review copy courtesy publisher

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