Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bronte Goodies

Bronte Sisters Power Dolls

It would be so cool if these dolls were actually available to purchase. Check out this fun fake commercial...


Coming in 2016...

The Brontes

The world’s first English-language, big-budget, feature-length biopic of the Bronte sisters with an A-list cast and crew to be unveiled at Charlotte Bronte’s 200th birthday in 2016.

Storyline (per IMDB):
After moving to Haworth in 1820 and following the premature death of their mother, the young Bronte siblings Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne begin to lose themselves in writing fiction as their father, the local vicar, struggles to keep the family together. When the sisters' novels, published under male pseudonyms, become world-famous they must learn to balance their fame and their new-found wealth with their anonymity.

For more details: IMDB | Facebook | Twitter

Directed by: David Anthony Thomas
Cast so far:
Matthew Lewis as Branwell Bronte
Rachel Teate as Anne Bronte
? as Emily Bronte
? as Charlotte Bronte


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