Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zombie Challenge

I'm throwing the gauntlet down...

To tie in with September Zombies week (Aug 29 to Sep 5, 2009) and the release of Never Slow Dance With A Zombie by E. Van Lowe which was bumped to August 18 from September 1:

I challenge you to show some zombie love.

: open to all countries

: Saturday, September 5, 2009, 8pm PST

: Zombie Bag o'Goodies
-includes Never Slow Dance With A Zombie by E. Van Lowe
-btw: if you already have this book, you can pick one of the highlighted YA zombie books for this bag

To accept this challenge you must:

1. Grab the zombie challenge picture above and create an acceptance post of this challenge on your site with a link back to this challenge. FYI: your acceptance post counts as an entry.

2. Post 2 zombie related posts during zombie week (Aug 29 to Sep 5, 2009).

Some ideas for your zombie posts:
-book review
-movie review
-list of links to your previous zombie-related posts (dated before Aug 1, 2009)
-pictures of zombies
-your thoughts on zombies
-interview a friend on their thoughts on zombies

3. Post your links in the comments below so we can visit your zombie posts. Along with your link, include a brief title so we know what we're in for.

Sorry folks, Mr. Linky wasn't working for me, so feel free to enter your url in the comments below. I will then post them here as well for everyone to visit.

Extras points:

+1 post the challenge picture and link on your blog sidebar
+1 for pre-zombie week posts (during period Aug 1 to 28, 2009)
+1 for each entry after your initial 2 posts during zombie week (Aug 29 to Sep 5, 2009)

The participants:
(and their cool zombie-licious links)

Challenge acceptance:

1. Amelia
2. Zombie Girrrl
3. Heather and ready for zombie lovin!!
4. Colette
5. Nicole - let the brain- eating begin!
6. Cecelia Bedelia
7. titania86
8. Kristen
9. Dannie
10. Misty
11. Harry
12. Terra
13. Book Splot
14. Jordan
15. Elnice
16. Dahlia

Zombie Week pre-posts:

1. Zombie Girrrl - Zombies many uses
2. Zombie Girrrl - original zombie picture and explanation of my zombie infatuation.
3. Heather - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies review
4. Heather - Zombie Origins
5. Zombie Girrrl - Zombie art - emo zombie hunters
6. Colette - Night of the Living Dead review
7. Heather - Zombie Origins II
8. Nicole - Zombie Quiz
9. Zombie Girrrl - World War Z review
10. Zombie Girrrl - Zombie art - the kiss
11. Nicole - I'll Take A Spin on the Zombieland Ferris Wheel (Zombieland)
12. titania86 - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies review
13. titania86 - Plants vs. Zombies (zombie games)
14. Zombie Girrrl - Generation Dead review
15. titania86 - Breathers: A Zombie's Lament review
16. Nicole - Ode to Brains: A Zombie Haiku
17. Celia - zombie haiku (yes, they really are everywhere!)
18. titania86 - Pontypool Changes Everything
19. titiania86 - Pontypool movie review
20. titania86 - Walking Dead comic book series review
21. Zombie Girrrl - Breathers review
22. Terra - Forest of Hands and Teeth review
24. Book Splot - Zombies!!!
25. Book Splot - You Are So Undead To Me review
26. Book Splot - Zombie Blondes review
27. Kristen - Forest of Hands and Teeth review
28. Misty - Spotlight on: Zombies (Helluva Halloween)

Zombie week posts:
(August 29 to September 5, 2009)

1. titiania86 - Zombie Invasion at Comic Con
--check out the picture of the zombie impaled by an arm ;-D

2. Colette - John Carpenter's The Fog movie review

3. Celia - zombie-licious survey

4. Zombie Girrrl - Zombie Tunage (part 1)

5. Nicole - The Night I Met Zombie Spongebob

6. titania86 - Patient Zero review

7. titania86 - Zombie songs

8. Zombie Girrrl - Zombie Tunage (part 2)

9. Misty - Zombie Mayhem and Madness

10. Harry - High School of the Dead manga review

11. Harry - Zombie Gallery

12. Harry - Link Extravaganza - includes various comic book reviews

13. Heather - White Zombie review

14. Nicole - My Favorite Zombie song

15. titania86 - Quarantine movie review

16. titania86 - Resident Evil 4 game review

17. titania86 - Zombie Songs Part 2

18. titania86 - Dance of the Dead movie review

19. Harry - Marvel Zombies, Volume 4 review

20. Jordan - Oh the zombie things to come...

21. Jordan - The start of the zombies!! - zombie kittehs

22. Jordan - More Zombies!! - zombie kittehs

23. Jordan - Dawn of the Dead (1978) review

24. Jordan - My opinion on zombies!

25. Jordan - Dawn of the Dead (2004) review

26. Jordan - Zombie.... Weddings???

27. Zombie Girrrl - Zombie Tunage (part 3)

28. titania86 - Dead Snow review

29. titania86 - Zombie Songs Part 3

30. titania86 - Deadgirl and Zombie Feminism

31. Zombie Girrrl - Zombie Tunage part 4

32. Harry - Walking Dead review

33. Terra - Playing Dead

34. Terra - Dancing Dead

35. Terra - Zombie Squad

36. Kristen - Waiting on Wednesday - Dead Tossed Waves

37. Kristen - Zombie Book trailers - My Rotten Life, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Pride and
Prejudice and Zombies

38. Kristen - Zombie interview with Emma from Booking Through 365

39. Elnice - Get your zombie on!

40. Elnice - Tshirt giveaway announcement for You Are So Undead To Me

41. Dahlia - Wish List Wednesday - Zombie Queen of Newbury High

42. Heather - Zombie Haiku

43. Nicole - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies teasers

44. titania86 - Grace film review (zombie baby !!!)

45. titania86 - Fido film review

46. titania86 - Never Slow Dance with a Zombie

47. Celia - Never Slow Dance with a Zombie

48. Elnice - On My Wist List - World War Z

49. Harry - Zombie Week: Me & Zombie, Sitting in a Tree [don't gasp, I decapitate in the end]

50. Nicole - A Bit of Zombie Fic

51. titania86 - Michael Myers Then and Now

52. Zombie Girrrl - Zombie Tunage part 5

53. Harry - Zombie Chat with Thea

54. Misty - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

55. titania86 - Zombie music part 4

56. titania86 - Planet Terror review

57. titania86 - Diary of the Dead review

58. Terra - Geek Survival Guide podcast

59. Zombie Girrrl - Zombie Tunage part 6

60. Nicole - Zombie fic continued

61. Nicole - Zombie fic concluded

62. Zombie Girrrl - Zombie Tunes - The P.L.A.N.

63. titania86 - The Zen of Zombie review

64. Book Splot - Zombie Queen of Newbury High review

65. Celia - zombie bites

66. Celia - Generation Dead review

Contest has ended - winner is here

**** updated 9.6.09 ****


  1. Great challenge! I just got Pride and Prejudice and Zombies today, perhaps it's a sign!

  2. Whoo-hoo! I've got World War Z by Max Brooks in my TBR pile, I love that book!

  3. awesome! I've got to think through this first before I get going! Sooo tomorrow! I love zombies!

  4. Awesome challenge! I'm glad I found it before it was too late!

  5. Sorry Mr. Linky is gone. But please post your links here in the comments!

  6. 'Kay, thanks! :D
    Here's my review of World War Z by Max Brooks

  7. Here's more zombie art! Thanks, BTW, for inspiring me with this awesome contest! :)

  8. Here's a preview of the upcoming flick Zombieland!

  9. I accept the challenge! Here's my review of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: Here's my review of the new game Plants vs. Zombies:

  10. My review of Generation Dead by Daniel Waters.

  11. Here's my review for Breather's: A Zombie's Lament

    Plus my belated official acceptance of this challenge. I just got excited about zombies.

  12. Ode to Brains: A Zombie Haiku

  13. zombie haiku (yes, they really are everywhere!)

  14. Here's my review of Pontypool Changes Everything:

    And my comments on the Pontypool movie:

  15. I'm accepting the challenge!

    Here's my acceptance post.

  16. Here's my review of the Walking Dead comic book series:

  17. Here's my intro post!

  18. i love this Challenge!!!
    Here is my acceptance post. I cant wait to see everyone else's!


  19. Here's my post about the zombie invasion at San Diego Comic-Con:

  20. I have a post up for a review of John Carpenter's The Fog here:

  21. I've just posted a survey on zombie behavior and survival here.


  22. Here's a link for my Zombie Week feature, Zombie Tunes. :)

  23. The Night I met Zombie Spongebob

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Here's my review of Patient Zero:

  26. Zombie Girrl's blog inspired me to find zombie songs!

  27. I forgot to link my review of Breathers by DG Brown for the pre zombie week posts! I hope it's not too late for that.
    Here's the link:

  28. Hi, Velvet! Here's part 2 of Zombie Tunage! :D


    more zombie lovin'!!!

  30. My favorite zombie song.

  31. Here's my review of Quarantine:

    and my review of Resident Evil 4:

  32. Zombie songs part 2:

  33. Sorry for bombarding you, but here's my review of Dance of the Dead:

  34. I know this already started today and that I am late to accept but I simply could not pass up the opportunity to participate in a zombie themed challenge. This is a great idea!

  35. Hi sorry I forgot to post my links here when I got them done. So here they are, the ones that are posted already anyways.

    Sorry there are so many, Ill try to keep updated from now on.


  36. I almost forgot to link this! It's part 3 of the zombie tunes feature. :)

  37. More zombie posts!

    Dead Snow movie Review:

    Zombie Songs Part 3:

    Deadgirl and Zombie Feminism:

  38. I have made some zombie posts! Here they are:

  39. Hey, Velvet! Here's part 4 of my zombie tunes feature. ♥♥♥

  40. I have made several posts on my blog. I also included the zombie challenge pic and a link back here. This is fun!
    I will add more as I do them!

  41. Hi, Zombie Girrrl turned me on to Zombie Week. Here's my first post, it's my version of Waiting on Wednesday. =)

  42. Here's my second post for the week!

  43. Oops! I messed up the URL for Deadgirl and Zombie Feminism: here's the real one Sorry!

  44. Grace film review:

    Fido film review:

    Never Slow Dance with a Zombie:

  45. Here's my new post, it is about a book on my wish list World War Z and a link to the book site with a zombie survival quiz. I scored poorly!

  46. A bit of zombie fic

  47. My Michael Myers comparison: I promise it has to do with zombies!!! :)

  48. Hey, V! Here's part 5 of 6 of zombie tunes! :)

  49. Good gravy, that's a lotta links!
    Here's part 6 of zombie tunes. :D

  50. Zombie Songs part 4:

    Planet Terror:

    Diary of the Dead:

  51. Zombie fic continued

  52. Here's the link for my last Zombie Week post. :'(
    Thanks for being such an awesome host, Velvet!

  53. My last Zombie Week post: The Zen of Zombie

  54. Zombie fic concluded

  55. I've just posted a review of Generation Dead, and I've got a couple of other zombie posts here and here.



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