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The Dashwood Sisters' Secrets of Love by Rosie Rushton

The Dashwood Sisters' Secrets of Love
by Rosie Rushton

Published: 2005
Genre: Romance
Paperback: 325 pages
Rating: 3

Inspiration: Everything Austen Challenge hosted by Stephanie's Written Word

Description from
Ellie, Abby, and Georgie Dashwood dislike their father's new wife and the effect she is having on him. When he dies suddenly, the girls and their mother learn that Mr. Dashwood left enormous debts and no inheritance, and the sting is even greater because he changed his will to leave the family's ancestral home to the new Mrs. Dashwood. The girls must leave their private school near London and the only home they've known and move to a small cottage in the country. The sisters and their mother cope with their reduced circumstances in different ways. Ellie, the oldest, is the practical one who worries about everything but finds love. Abby, the drama-queen middle child, falls in love with the rich bad boy and ends up hurt, and Georgie, the youngest, is the tomboy who doesn't realize the effect she has on a local boy. The girls' mother just does a lot of hand-wringing. If the plot seems familiar, it should because the novel is presented as an "homage" to Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. The author does a decent job of modernizing the tale, but the writing lacks Austen's subtlety and reads more like a movie script. In addition, the story is predictable, and the characters are all fairly static. However, the novel is enjoyable in the way that "beach books" are, and it will appeal to teens looking for something light and entertaining.

My thoughts:
In-a-word: Razzle
I found this is a light read that follows the S&S theme nicely. I like how the youngest daughter has more of a role in this story (in the romantic sense) than in the original S&S. Also, her love for extreme sports introduced me to Zorb globe riding. What a concept! I hadn't heard of this previously. It's like the hamsters rolling around in their balls except the zorbs are for humans.

Lots of growth and love for all three gals.

Favorite secret:
Secret No. 4 - Very few things are worth taking a risk for --
love, family, and the prospect of a first kiss (page 51)

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