Friday, July 3, 2009

Jane Austen's Sewing Box by Jennifer Forest

Jane Austen's Sewing Box:
Craft Projects and Stories from Jane Austen's Novels
by Jennifer Forest

Published: 2009
Paperback: 224 pages
Genre: Crafts
Rating: soon to come...

Inspiration: Everything Austen Challenge hosted by Stephanie's Written Word

Description from amazon:
Jane Austen's Sewing Box opens a window into the lives of Regency women during a beautiful period in arts, crafts and design. Jennifer Forest examines Jane Austen's novels and letters to reveal a world where women are gripped by crazes for painting on glass and netting purses, economise by trimming an old bonnet, or eagerly turn to their sewing to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. Based on Jane Austen's novels and with illustrated step-by-step instructions for eighteen craft projects, this beautifully presented book will delight Jane Austen fans, lovers of history and literature and craft enthusiasts alike.

Author interviews about this crafty book at Jane Austen in Vermont and Women's Nook

My thoughts:
In-a-word: soon to come...

Everything Austen Challenge Note:
I've been visiting fellow participants of the Everything Austen Challenge at Stephanie's Written Word and have been inspired with the some of the creative things that people are going to be doing. I'm going to add something crafty to my line-up too!

Here's what I've found so far in the Everything Austen blogosphere:


Reading and Stitching - stitch The Daughters of Longbourn by the Stitching Parlor

With My Needle - stitch the Mansfield Park sampler by The Sampler Girl

eHandcrafts Stitching Room - stitch samplers from The Sampler Girl’s Companion Booklet

Stitch Girl Stitch - stitch two Austen related designs

The Crafty Oma - stitch Jane Austen inspired sampler and prepare a Jane Austen inspired Tea

Yesterday's Tuna - stitch Portrait of Jane Austen

Prattlin' Pins
- Stitch Mansfield Park Sampler by The Sampler Girl
- Stitch Return to the Sea With Jane Austen by The Sampler Girl

Other creative ideas:

Books and Bards - write Austen fan fiction

Tildequilts - recipes from The Jane Austen Cookbook and Fassets of Austen quilt project

Austen Pride - Austen-related YouTube video creations

Not Fashionista. It's Stylista - design or rather sketch a whole collection of outfits inspired by Jane Austen, her stories and her life

Loves Romances - tea from Tea With Jane Austen by Kim Wilson

The Dreamstress - Regency garments and accessories

With My Needle - Patterns for Jane Austen-era Needlework project ideas

Yesterday's Tuna - Paint a copy of this awesome new graphic of Pride and Prejudice made by Ruben Toledo on a large canvas to hang in my apartment

Stitch Across the Border
- Visit a Jane Austen related site while vacationing in England
- Purchase "Jane Austen's Sewing Box" and do a project from it
- Do a drawing of an outfit from the Regency time period

Please Note: I couldn't open some of the sites listed on the Everything Austen Mr. Linky, so if I missed your post including a creative or crafty idea please comment below with your link.

Along with picking out a crafty item from Jane Austen's Sewing Box book, I was considering stitching a sampler or maybe trying my hand at one of these absolutely cute Jane Austen dolls (pattern is at etsy):


  1. oh, those dolls are precious! their hair buns are hilarious and cute, and I love the little legs and arms.

  2. I love the Jane Austen Dolls! You should make them!

  3. Those dolls are cute! I almost added that book to my list. The only thing that stopped was knowing I wouldn't actually finish any of the crafts..Thanks for the link and visiting. I can't believe how creative people are with this contest!

  4. Ah, the dolls are so cute!! There is a new blogger who signed up with an amazing crafty Austen idea - check it out here:


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