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Assiniboin Girl by Kathi Wallace

Assiniboin Girl
by Kathi Wallace

Published: 2009
Genre: Historical Mystery, Supernatural
e-book: 115 pages (if printed)
Rating: 3
Available at: Drollerie Press

Inspiration: first e-book requested review

Description from publisher's site:
Mary Two Dogs is lost. She grew up in New York the only child of musician parents, but when they die in a car accident coming back from a gig, she’s shipped off to live with her Aunt Janet in Georgia. The South is a strange new world to her, and she becomes the target of racist attacks from some of the other girls. Her Aunt Janet, an undercover FBI agent can’t move, but to keep Mary safe, she sends her to the Assiniboin reservation in Montana.

There Mary has to learn to deal with a whole new world, a completely different set of expectations. Pitied for her lack of understanding of her people, she must learn what it means to be Assiniboin and who she is. To do that, she must find her true name.

My thoughts:
In-a-word(s): True name
Although this is an e-book, I ended up printing out a copy to read. The title of the book didn't really grab me. But it sure did my Hubby who ended up reading this as well.

I liked the story alright but felt it was more MG than YA reading material. I found this a light read that touched upon serious issues like racism, murder and death. It was interesting to read about Mary's Sioux reservation experiences.

Amusing quote:
My mother always tells me to watch my mouth. It runs like a chicken after grubs. -Sue

Hubby's rating: 3.5
Hubby's thoughts: Entertaining. He liked the Native American aspect.

Book trailer:

I like the silhouettes in the the sunset.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Assiniboin Girl - I *truly* appreciate it!

    Thanks to your husband as well!


  2. Out of curiosity, my daughter who is in the MG group started reading it too.


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