Sunday, June 21, 2009

Prada and Prejudice contest

Come one...
Come all...
Step right up and...

Enter to win my copy of Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard
which was just released - June 11, 2009!
Contest has ended - winner is here

To enter you must:

1. Take the Austen Heroine quiz here.

2. Email me ( ) your image result or comment below with a link to where you've posted it. See my sample -- I'm an Elinor.

+1 entry if you tell me what your current favorite fashion wear or accessory

+1 entry if you tell me what your favorite Jane Austen book

Entries: open to all countries
Deadline: Saturday, June 27, Midnight PST
Winner announced: Sunday, June 28
The prize is mailed within the week of winner announcement.

For more giveaways check out the other carnival booths at Shooting Stars Mag.

My Prada & Prejudice book review.

******* updated 6.25.09 ********


  1. I'm Elinor also :-)

    My favorite accessory right now -- a bracelet I won that has the word mother in several different languages. It's quite neat.

    My favorite Jane Austen book -- Sense and Sensibility :-)

  2. I'm Elizabeth Bennet. I'm not surprised. lol.

    Emailed you image result for me.

    +1 My fave accessory is my mother's diamond ring that she gave me for my 16th birthday

    +1 If I really have to choose, Sense & Sensibility.


  3. I'm Marianne Dashwood. That definitely surprised me.

    My favorite accessory is a black bracelet that says "wish" in white letters. I really like it.

    You want me to choose??? If in a life/death situation I might say Pride and Prejudice. Might. Persuasion is right up there too.

    Prada and Prejudice looks like such a good read!

  4. I e-mailed you my result

    I am Marianne Dashwood.

    +1 My favorite accessory is my engagement ring.

    + Sense & Sensibility

    Thank you

  5. I'm like Marianne Dashwood! (Sent result!)

    And my fave accessory is a plain leather band ring with a crystal in the middle which I won from a contest.

    faked_sugartone at hotmail

  6. I'm Lizzie Bennet which excites me since
    +1 P&P is my favorite book! I posted my result in my sidebar:
    +1 I'm not much into accessories beyond my watch.

    dasuzuki at yahoo dot com

  7. I posted my result at my blog
    My favorite accessory for the season is a headband. I used to hate wearing them, and now I rarely leave home without one.
    My favorite Austen novel is definitely Pride and Prejudice. There's something that made me connect with Elizabeth more than other characters...although I'm not sure what it is.

  8. I'm an Elinor too!

    My favorite accessory at the moment is skinny headbands and my favorite Jane Austen book is Pride and Prejudice.


  9. I emailed you my result, I am Anne Elliot.

    My favourite accessory is my Turkish Puzzle Ring.

    My favourite Jane Austen novel is Emma.


  10. I am also Elinor, it's up on my sidebar

    +1 persuasion, I just love it.
    +1 if my ballet flats can be accessories then they are it

    blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

  11. I'm a Marianne, I emailed you my image results.
    +1 Favorite Jane Austen book is Persuasion. I've read it a million times and always cry at the end with Capt. Wentworth's "letter"
    +1 My favorite accessary is a necklace my mom gave me!


  12. Emailed you my quiz results.
    +1: The only accessory and my favorite one is my wedding ring.

    +1 My favorite Jane Austen book is Pride and Prejudice. I seriously can't get enough.

    emilysreadingroom at gmail dot com

  13. i am Elinor

    fav accessory is my hoop earrings

    fav Jane Austen is pride and Prejudice

    redleocat at yahoo com

  14. I'm Marianne (I sent you an email.)

    My favorite accesory is the ring my boyfriend got me for Christmas a couple years ago.

    My fav Jane Austen book is Pride and Prejudice! I love Darcy!!


  15. Im Elinor!

    my fave accesory is a ring I recently won in a contest.

    my fave Jane Austen book is Pride and Prejudice

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  16. I'm a Catherine Morland. Hmm, makes sense.
    It's on my sidebar:

    My favorite accessory's my beaded (blue and purple) necklace.

    My favorite Jane Austen book is Persuasion! That was so romantic!

  17. I'm Elizabeth Bennet! I emailed you my result.

    +1 My favorite accessory is my Tiffany necklace my husband surprised me with this past Christmas.

    +1 My favorite Jane Austen book is Pride and Prejudice. I've read it 3 times and seen many movie adaptations.


  18. 1. I'm Elizabeth Bennett:

    2. I've posted it here:

    3. My current fashion accesory is my red ray ban wayfarers!

    4. My favorite Jane Austen book is Emma.


  19. I'm Elizabeth Bennett, and I've posted the result at:

    +1 My favorite fashion accessories at the moment are my Sam Edelman 'Giada' sandals.

    +1 My favorite Austen book is Persuasion.


  20. I am Catherine Morland

    My current favoite accessory is a necklace I got for my birthday

    My favorite Jane Austen book is Sense & Sensibility


  21. I'm Elinor Dashwood.

    My favorite accessory are my gold earrings.

    My favorite Jane Austen book is Sense & Sensibility.


  22. I'm Elinor Dashwood

    My favorite accessory is my bracelet embedded with different gemstones

  23. I'm Anna Elliot, I've emailed you the link:)
    Right now, my favorite accessories are earrings and headbands, especially ones with ribbon, it makes me feel more feminine:) and of course, my favorite book by Jane Austen is Pride and Prejudice, just because:) Thanks for holding this wonderful contest and I really, really hope I win!!:D

    sylvia (

  24. I'm Fanny Price.

    Posted here:

    I really loved Pride and Prejudice! Thanks for the contest :)

  25. I'm Elizabeth Bennet!

    My favorite accessory right now is a necklace my mom gave me a couple years ago!

    Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Jane Austen book since I haven't read any of her other books!


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