Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dull Boy Contest - Winner

My heartfelt thanks to all the contestants for your awesome entries to my first book giveaway!  I loved your Superhero images and was tickled reading about your alter egos! (check out all the entrants here)

A special thanks to Liyana for being my very first contest entry!

Favorite Superheroes mentioned in the entries:

     X-men - most popular
     Dark Knight
     Robert Neville from I Am Legend
     Iron Man
     Wonder Woman

The winner was selected using the classic random method of "name out of the hat" with the help of a lovely assistant.  Actually in my case name out of the nose mug. hee-hee.

and the the winner of the Dull Boy contest is...

( drrrrrrrrrrummmmrolllllllllllllll )

The Fearless Lasered Lash

Marie, I shall be emailing you for your snail mail. If you don't receive it, please feel free to send your info to me -- enjoy the read!

Thanks again to all the entrants!

The book giveaway prize:


  1. LOL. A nose mug. xD COngrats Marie, and no problem, it was my pleasure!


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