Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dull Boy Contest - 6

The Fancy Supersonic Sundor
aka: Sydney

Jaeyh usually stays away from people because she is supernatural and different. Her real name is Katiana Spybyrd Khennall, the Mistress of Bird Catchers and she is not a human, and she originally lived on another planet in another universe called "Zheclanavia." She weares a raven mask to hide her identity when she's in her true form, but when supernatural trouble awaits, she may turn into her hero form, the girl holding the Zheclanaviane sword and wearing wings to fly, but she doesn't wear her raven mask in this form, instead she wears an illusion face. When Jaeyh is in her hero form, she can fly and do magic. The kind of magic, maybe, a wizard would do! She uses her sword to kill off mostly the bad humans because magic was supposed to fend off people from her enemy planet... The JENJETS!!! Another powerful planet that uses magic powers...

If you want to enter read this post for details. Contest ends Saturday, June 6, midnight pst.

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