Monday, June 1, 2009

Dull Boy Contest entries - 1

I'm enjoying the entries so far and wanted to share them. If you want to enter read this post for details. Contest ends Saturday, June 6, midnight pst.

The Extraordinary Precise Dead Eye
aka: Liyana

I trust this is a secure connection; it's not safe for me to say too much about her. Who knows who might be reading this email? :O *shifty eyes* Her alias is Impenda.

Let's talk about her costume. She wears a mask to protect her civilan identity. It's stupid, but it works! No cape, because it hinders. The movie Incredible thinks they came up with that reason originally. They're wrong. Dressed in the slinkiest black and dark grey ever so that she can hide in the shadows, with detailing of sky blue, this suit has superb restorative powers. In case she ever gets in deep trouble, the suit can...

Okay, enough about the suit. I don't want you thinking she's just another vigilante counting on her mounds of moolahs to create only the finest weapons and defenses, but who has none of her own.

Her hair, unfortunately... *shakes head* She doesn't want to dye it a less eyecatching colour, but that's her life we're talking about.

Now her powers. Not only is she equipped with the latest crossbow model (with poison tipped arrows too!) but she has the speed and agility to quickly loose a shot or two. Or a hundred. And that's at a per minute rate. If she's in a good mood, the villain'll just fall into a stupor. If not, they're screwed. However, the crossbow is mostly just a prop. Impenda has mastered many martial arts, including and not limited to karate, jujitsu, taekwondo and judo. She has her own restorative and healing qualities, bypassing even Wolverine's own. Flying and teleportation are also some of her other assets. She has a sixth sense for danger, but I suppose that grows when you've been living in the shadows for a long time. How long, I'm not sure. However, she's not all invincible. Let's say that she... gets distracted easily, and leave it at that. I think that's enough for now?

Look at the comic book cover, calling her "Precise Dead Eye"! *Snorts* The things these writers come up with... Attached is a photo of the cover of the comic book. They have a pretty nice shot of her.

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