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About Me, Review and Contest Policy

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Create a place to share books that spark joy, inspiration or just entertainment.

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Review Policy
--For Readers

Format for my two-bit review:
bit #1 In-a-word(s): a word or two that sums up the story for me (for reviews before 2014)
bit #2 VERY short and somewhat spoiler-free thoughts and comments.

AND a 1 to 5 rating scale.

Rating 5: Loved it!
Rating 4.5
Rating 4: Liked it
Rating 3.5
Rating 3: Just OK
Rating 2: Only if you must
Rating 1: Don't bother

Review Policy
--For Authors, Publicists, Publishers

R E V I E W S: I am happy to accept review copies (print and ebook) for any genre with interesting descriptions.

E V E N T S: I am also happy to create promotional and giveaway events for book launches or book already released.

Contest Policy
For most contests and giveaways, the winner will be selected randomly by List Randomizer at or via the old-fashioned "name out of the hat". Sometimes, I hand-pick winner(s).

Along with a winner posting, I will attempt to contact the winner via email for mailing address information at least 2 times. If I do not receive the mailing info within a week of the 2nd attempt, the book goes back into giveaway pile or to a runner-up.

For giveaways that require a guestbook signup, I will attempt to contact the winner for a confirmation email reply. This is to ensure that address I have is still active for prize shipment.

Runner-up winner may be selected if the original winner forfeits prize or for an unclaimed prize.

Winners MUST claim their prize by commenting on the winner's post AND replying to my email with address info (if needed).

Book prizes are usually my gently used review copy of the book unless otherwise specified.

On Comments:
Depending on time, I try to comment on favorite blogs and on bloggers who have commented here as best I can.

Here are interesting thoughts on commenting etiquette by:

Rebecca of The Book Lady's Blog

Matt of A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

On Blog Backup:
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