Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 V.C. Andrews book challenge

~~ not completed ~~

While catching up on USA Today's Pop Candy blog entry for January 2009 by Whitney Matheson, I came across this interesting book reading challenge. Basically, it is to read 11 books written by V.C. Andrews by the end of the year. More details can be found here.

V.C. Andrews is one of the first authors I fell in love with at age 13. I read all her books up to the Orphan series at which point I stopped. Maybe I'll pickup on the newer series after this challenge. I've been meaning to re-read the originals (those before the ghost writer came on the scene). So now is a great time with so many others out there joining in with this challenge.

I searched my piles of books for the V.C. Andrews books I had collected and found that I donated them all to the library when I moved a couple years ago. Boo-hoooooo.

I'm headed to the library this week for the first book that started it all for me, Flowers in the Attic.

My V.C. Andrews reading list will be as follows:

Dollanganger series
1. Flowers in the Attic (movie review)
2. Petals on the Wind
3. If There Be Thorns
4. Seeds of Yesterday
5. Garden of Shadows

Casteel series
6. Heaven
7. Dark Angel
8. Fallen Hearts
9. Gates of Paradise
10. Web of Dreams

Stand-alone book (no series)
11. My Sweet Audrina

Beyond the challenge selection picks:

Secret series

Secrets in the Attic

Gemini series
Black Cat
Child of Darkness

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  1. Oh my gosh! You were the same age as me when I discovered V.C. Andrews and that is the SAME series I started out with. I might have to join this challenge and re-read some of her books. I LOVE V.C. Andrews...


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