Friday, April 18, 2014

France Book Tours Anniversary (with giveaway)

France Book Tours is celebrating
its first anniversary
on April 18!


France Book Tours has been thrilled to present amazing books related to France for a year.

To thank the authors who submitted their books and the bloggers who read and reviewed them, France Book Tours organizes a mega giveaway from April 18-25!

Depending on the number of entries in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this page, they may give away up to 10 books, so spread the word!

The winners will be chosen on April 26.

Here are all the books available to win! Click on each cover to know more about it.

Please note what format the book is available in.

Note also that some books are only available for US/Canada residents.
If nothing is specified, it means you can receive the ebook or the print copy where ever you live.

Historical fiction

Spirit of Lost Angels Wolfsangel_CoverFinal Becoming Josephine

Spirit of Angels = print + ecopy
Wolfsangel = print + ecopy
Becoming Josephine = print for US/Canada only

Unravelled Ambitious Madame Bonap

Unravelled = print
The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte = print for US/Canada only


The Paris Lawyer The Mona Lisa Speaks

The Paris Lawyer = print for US/Canada only + ecopy
The Mona Lisa Speaks = print for US/Canada only + ecopy


I see London cover Paris Rue des Martyrs - cover final

I See London I See France = print for US/Canada only
Paris, Rue Des Martyrs = ecopy


The Paris Game Moonlight & LoveSongs City of Jasmine

The Paris Game = ebook
Moonlight & Love Songs = ebook
City of Jasmine = signed print copy for US/Canada only

Promise of Provence

The Promise of Provence = ecopy

Nonfiction - memoir

Confessions of a Paris Party Girl - cover

Confessions of a Paris Party Girl = ecopy


April 23 at 5pm Central Time

Spread the word!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Zombies in May

BEWARE: zombies are heading this way next month...

Zombies & Cupcakes & More Zombies
a virtual book event
May 23-31, 2014

May is Zombie Awareness Month as dubbed by the (Zombie Research Society).

I will be spreading the word with a zombie themed virtual book event and zombie giveaway hop.

FEEL free to join in by participating in my virtual book event with a guest post or giveaway of your own (contact me to be included vvb32 @ and/or be a part of the giveaway HOP below.


Zombies Giveaway HOP
May 28 to June 1, 2014
hosted by vvb32 reads

SIGN UP on the linky form below.

Featuring Books and Goodies with a zombie theme - please, no gift cards as this is to promote this specific theme.

The hope is to see actual images of zombie books and/or items to help spread the awareness of this genre.


You must host a giveaway on YOUR site.

You must giveaway either a book (print or ebook) or an item in keeping with the theme (no gift cards).

You are responsible for obtaining a prize for giveaway and taking care of the shipping.

YOUR GIVEAWAY POST must include the Hop image and Title info as posted above AND Linky list (grab the code below).

Please only 1 mandatory entry (up to 2 optional extra entries) for a maximum of 3 entries per person.

Your post must be live May 28, 2014.

HOP ends on June 1, 2014.

Feel free to email me if you have questions vvb32 @


Authors as well as Bloggers are welcome to join this HOP.

Please complete Linky sign up below.

ALSO, let us know who are eligible for the giveaway. Include the following after your Blog URL:


HOP participants:
Note: I will update these links with actual post link during the event.


* badge image source: Zombie Cupcakes by Zilly Rosen

* hop image found here, Cupcake Zombie created by Coco Fortunato (Copyright Fortunato Ink)

* What is a virtual book event? a celebration of books and authors that are in keeping with a theme which may include guest posts and giveaways. Audience participation is encouraged and most welcome.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Runaway by Aubrey Kendall

by Aubrey Kendall

Visit Aubrey: aka S.M. Knowles
Amazon - kindle currently at $0.99

Just released: April 4, 2014
Publisher: self
Genre: YA
ebook: 365 pages
Rating: 4

At seventeen years old, Courtney Apuzzo is fed up. With a dead mom and an alcoholic father that beats her every chance he gets, Courtney decides that enough is enough. Packing up only what she needs, Courtney leaves home without telling a soul and heads off to find her new life.

Life on her own is not exactly as she thought it would be. With nowhere to stay, Courtney finds herself sleeping on an old stoop in an abandoned apartment alleyway. A chance meeting with a new group of friends seems like a great beginning to her second chance at a real life. But everything is not as it seems.

Tricked into a life she never wanted and fears, Courtney needs to run away, again. She needs to find a way out of this new and dangerous life. With the help from a man she barely knows, will Courtney find her way out? Or will she find herself on the run from a dangerous past, and a hopeless future? Faced with a choice that will change her life forever.


My two-bits:

A story that should be shared.

The harsh gritty reality of what happens to kids that force them to resort to being a runaway made this heartbreaking to read at times. Being a YA novel, the details and descriptions of certain scenes were not as graphically horrifying to read as it could have been. Yet, had an equivalent emotional response.

Reading about the life of what a runaway could go through was in some ways eye opening for me.

I found it hard to read at times in regards to the hopeless situation the main character was in, but was glad to see what became of her and how she forged forward despite it all in the end.


* review copy courtesy of blitz tour sponsored by Mark My Words Book Publicity

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Going Over by Beth Kephart (with giveaway)

Going Over
by Beth Kephart

Visit Beth:
Book Character Playlist - give a listen to some 80's tunes
Discussion/Teacher's Guide

Just released: April 1, 2014
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Genre: Romance, YA
Hardback: 264 pages
Rating: 4.5

Going Over is the brilliant new YA novel from acclaimed author Beth Kephart. Set in Berlin in 1983 and inspired by true events, teenagers Ada and Stefan are in love, separated by the wall, and plan a daring escape to defy the odds – and their governments – to be together.

It is February 1983, and Berlin is a divided city with a miles-long barricade separating east from west. But the city isn't the only thing that is divided.

Ada lives among the rebels, punkers, and immigrants of Kreuzberg in West Berlin. Stefan lives in East Berlin, in a faceless apartment bunker of Friedrichshain. Bound by love and separated by circumstance, their only chance for a life together lies in a high-risk escape. But will Stefan find the courage to leap? Or will forces beyond his control stand in his way?

National Book Award finalist Beth Kephart presents a story of daring and sacrifice, and love that will not wait.


My two-bits:

Great account of a snippet of life in the time before the fall of the Berlin wall.

The different characters does well in giving a sense of the time and places - not just the natives of the land but immigrants in the country as well.

The weight of the story made this book a bit of a tear-jerker for me at the end.


About the author: Beth Kephart

I was a child writer-dreamer who never strayed far from that path. Today I’m the award-winning author of seventeen books—dreaming my way toward more by night, while running a boutique marketing communications firm by day.

I'm privileged to teach creative nonfiction at the University of Pennsylvania in spring semesters. I love writing about the intersection of place and memory for the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. I am honored to review literature for the CHICAGO TRIBUNE. Always and most importantly, I am privileged to be a mom.

--~ Book Giveaway ~--

WIN my review copy of this book!

Open to US only.

Offer ends: April 27, 2014


VISIT the author here.

RETURN here and tell me something you found of interest there.

AND, leave your email.


* review copy courtesy of publisher

* currently on tour here

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ocean City Lowdown by Kim Kash

Ocean City Lowdown
Jamie August book 1
by Kim Kash

Visit Kim:

Published: 2013
Publisher: self
Genre: Action, Crime, Chick-lit
ebook: 204 pages
Rating: 4.5

Jamie August series:
Ocean City Lowdown
book 2 - tba

Ocean City Lowdown introduces Eastern Shore Maryland reporter Jamie August, who has a talent for unearthing more than her editor wants and a weakness for Ravens jerseys and sparkly underwear. She is assigned to cover the grand opening of a big new housing development in Ocean City, Maryland. But instead of writing about wrap-around porches and rattan furnishings, she uncovers kickbacks and payoffs, blackmail and murder.

Jamie's tenacity, smarts, and sheer recklessness—plus some smokin’ striptease dance moves—can get her out of some tight spots, but are they enough to save her from a psychopathic arsonist and two generations of corrupt real estate tycoons?

My two-bits:

Had fun with this read especially because the main character, Jamie, has such a spunky and tough attitude. She has the instinct to right the wrongs using whatever means available which brings about some funny moments as well as sticky situations. In this story environmental issues are tackled.


* review copy courtesy of author