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The Hawkweed Legacy by Irena Brignull

The Hawkweed Legacy
by Irena Brignull

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Just released: August 15, 2017
Publisher: Weinstein Books
Genre: Paranormal, YA, Witches
Hardback: 384
Rating: 4

Hawkweed Prophecy series:
Hawkweed Prophecy
Hawkweed Legacy

Zombie sighting:
Like zombies, they shuffled to the door
page 462, chapter 23

First sentence(s):
She had been sleeping for months now, stirring only rarely to nibble on nuts and seeds. During her hibernation, she'd hardly woken from the dreams that had drifted her so far from the darkness of the hole in which she lay. But today she felt a shift in the temperature and a warmth on her back. It was spring.

From screenwriter Irena Brignull, the stunning sequel to her critically acclaimed YA debut, The Hawkweed Prophecy ("Full of romance, heart and suspense...completely absorb[ing]." -Madeleine Roux) about a young witch forced to choose between love and magic.

Poppy is discovering a purpose for her powers in Africa, but she is haunted by a vision of her own death. Taken in by a boy and his great-grandmother, a healer, they vow to keep her safe-even if that ultimately means holding her captive. But Poppy never stops longing for Leo and, when she feels his magic begin to spark, she will do anything to be reunited with him.

Desperate to regain Poppy's trust and bring her home, Charlock embarks on a plan to reunite Leo with his mother. What Charlock doesn't foresee are the string of consequences that she sets into motion that leave Ember all alone and prey to manipulation, the clan open to attack from other witches, Sorrel vulnerable to Raven's ghost, Betony determined to protect her son from his father's fate, and which leave both Leo and Poppy in terrible danger.

My two-bits:

The story continues with issues of sisterhood, friendship and love that swirl about in this tale of witches.

History of the mothers and their pasts is shared.

The use of magic and creates some action packed scenes.


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