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Get It Together, Delilah! by Erin Gough

Get It Together, Delilah!
by Erin Gough

Find out more about this book and author:

Just released: April 4, 2017
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Genre: LGBTQ, YA, Australia
Hardback: 336 pages
Rating: 4

First sentence(s):
As far as English teachers go, I could do worse than Mr. Hammer. He's a smart guy with a good haircut and an admirable passion for punctuation. He's taught me since the start of high school and I have only two misgivings: his views on the semicolon and the fact that he ruined my life.

Seventeen-year-old Delilah Green wouldn't have chosen to do her last year of school this way, but she figures it's working fine. While her dad goes on a trip to fix his broken heart after her mom left him for another man, Del manages the family cafe. Easy, she thinks. But what about homework? Or the nasty posse of mean girls making her life hell? Or her best friend who won't stop guilt-tripping her? Or her other best friend who might go to jail for love if Del doesn't do something? But really, who cares about any of that when all Del can think about is beautiful Rosa who dances every night across the street... Until one day Rosa comes in the cafe door. And if Rosa starts thinking about Del, too, then how in the name of caramel milkshakes will Del get the rest of it together?

My two-bits:

Set in Australia this YA story has a focus on a young woman trying to navigate life on her own. She puts her parents and other adults in the a backseat as she tackles high school pressures, work and a love life head on.

Many life lessons are learned along the way. However, friends provide support and care despite some ups and downs.


* WINNER: Ampersand Prize
Short listed: Gold Inky Awards 2016
Short listed: CBCA Book of the Year (Older Readers) 2016
Long listed: Indie Awards 2016
White Raven International Youth Library title 2016

* review copy courtesy of publisher


  1. I enjoy tough coming of age stories like this especially when the lead character has a good wry wit rather than a whine and really do move forward. I'll have to put this one on my huginormous list. :)

  2. I thought this also had F/F representation, which I was excited about. In Australia it's called Flywheel, not sure if I should pick it up or return it to the library with promises to grab it again sometime in the future. Hm. But good that you seemed to enjoy it. :)

    Cass @ Words on Paper


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