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Tex, The Witch Boy by Stuart R. West

Tex, The Witch Boy
by Stuart R. West

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Published: 2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, YA
Paperback: 342 pages
Rating: 4

Being in high school sucks.

Just ask Richard “Tex” McKenna, a Kansas sophomore. Dealing with bullying, burgeoning love, the loss of parents, and dodge ball is bad enough. To top it off, he's just found out he's a witch!

Oh, and fellow students are being murdered. The suspicious eyes of local law enforcement are looking right at Tex and his loyal group of friends. And so is the killer.

Will Tex's new-found skills prove helpful? Or cause even more problems?

Tex, The Witch Boy
The Gangs of Suburbia
Tex and the God Squad

My two-bits:
Interesting premise with a teen boy witch that works!

I enjoyed reading about Tex's discovery and beginnings of his witch-related abilities. It was also fun to meet Tex's group of friends and acquaintances - a couple who are a hoot ;-)

Along with the issues of bullying, this story turns into a bit of a thriller mystery that kept my attention to the end.

I found this to be a good start to the series.

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