Saturday, January 4, 2014

Downton Abbey: Twists

Downton Tabby
by Chris Kelly

Here, the aristocrats of the animal kingdom dwell in stately splendor, sleeping, grooming, sleeping some more, and being fed by their downstairs cats, unaware that their way of life—providing work for others—is about to be swept away by the tides of history . . . and runaway cars.

The fur will fly.

This humorous parody provides essential information for preserving their Golden Age, including How to Keep a Secret at Downton Tabby, How to Argue with Lord Grimalkin About His Most Deeply Held Beliefs, and some Uninvited but Necessary Words from the Dowager.



Mouseton Abbey
by Nick Page

An adorable tale about the mice of Mouseton Abbey!

It’s Cheesemas at Mouseton Abbey. And at Cheesemas, the Mouseton family pass around the Great Big Cheesy Diamond and everyone gets to make a wish. But this year, there’s a problem. The house is clean, the feast is being prepared, but the Great Big Cheesy Diamond is missing!

Join Lord Mouseton and his servants as they search for the missing diamond. Will Cheesemas be ruined? Or will they find the Cheesy Diamond in time?

With beautiful, hand-knitted characters and ornate, illustrated backgrounds, the unique visual style of this book will delight young readers and adults alike. Nick Page’s charming and witty story makes this book perfect for reading with young children!

Features & Benefits:

Beautiful, hand-knitted characters and stunning illustrations bring the story to life

Witty, charming tale of an adorable family of mice and their entertaining mishaps

An ideal book for adults and children to share together


How cute are these?!

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  1. I'm not a DA fan but I do looooove the look of Mouseton.

  2. Definitely cute! Thanks for posting the freebie, but I didn't get it because it wants you to complete an offer first. That kinda sucks.


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