Saturday, January 4, 2014

Downton Abbey: Downstairs

The servants of Downton Abbey also enjoy their tea although with not so quite a fancy selection of treats.

OH, but take a look there on the side table. A new cookbook to consider for Downton Abbey related fare.

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SEE list of recipes here.

EXCERPT with recipe to Abbey Cooks Magic Scones pdf here.


Abbey Cooks Entertain:
220 recipes with photos to help you entertain the Downton way
by Pamela Foster
just released: December 2013

Downton Abbey Fan Delight. Featured/Mentioned in national papers including Washington Post, Boston Globe, Globe and Mail, Business Insider, Canadian Press. Interviews on CBC radio, Canada AM and upcoming interview with America's Test Kitchen.
This is a cookbook for all of those cooks who wish to bring a touch of English tradition to their own Abbey. Inspired by the fine cuisine served at the fictional Downton Abbey and other grand English country houses at the turn of the century, this book combines food, history and healthy eating.

Great food has a history. Imagine food from a historical perspective; from an era where food held special meaning, denoting wealth and influence. Dine on dishes from the Titanic and remember the lives affected by the tragedy. Imagine entertaining guests in your own Abbey with a little more class and elegance. There are recipes for famous Downton dishes such as apple charlotte, raspberry meringue, crepe suzette, and Season 3 favorites like charlotte russe.

There are 220 recipes and color photos which provide suggestions for entertaining at brunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, and dinner upstairs and down. In addition, there is a selection of recipes to host a traditional garden party, and to celebrate English holidays throughout the year. Finally, taking a page from the country house cooks of the era, there is a section which provides a number of base recipes to help stock your larder.


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