Saturday, January 4, 2014

Downton Abbey: Tea Blends

While Mrs. Patmore and Daisy prepare the various pastry treats to accompany the tea, the water is on the stove set to boil.


Fancy that!

The Republic of Tea now offers a selection of Downton Abbey tea blends for our drinking pleasure.

Downton Abbey English Rose
This vibrant, ruby-red infusion of rose, raspberry and hibiscus has fruity, floral notes and a touch of sweetness. Inspired by traditional British desserts, this caffeine-free, luscious tea is perfect as an afternoon treat. Enjoy hot or cooled over a tall glass of ice.

Nigerian hibiscus, rosehip peels, apples, stevia, natural raspberry, natural rose and vanilla flavors and rose petals

Downton Abbey Grantham Breakfast Blend
Full-bodied, malty, organic Assam black tea is infused with the spicy flavor of organic ginger root. Try with a splash of warm milk and sweetener for a flavor reminiscent of sticky ginger pudding. This energizing tea is perfect for an early morning foxhunt or preparing for the dramas of the day.

Organic Assam black tea, organic ginger

Downton Abbey Estate Blend
Earl Grey black tea has become one of the most enjoyed flavored teas in the world. This classic traditional British tea with bergamot orange oil has been paired with exotic vanilla for an intriguing finish. Enjoy this robust tea with or without milk and sugar or even over ice. Perfect for high tea or any time of day.

Fine black tea, natural bergamont oil and natural vanilla flavor


Which blend would you be inclined to sample?


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* image source: Mrs. Patmore and Daisy

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