Monday, February 27, 2012

Giveaway: still more ghosts

The Humming Room
by Ellen Potter

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ABOUT the book:
Hiding is Roo Fanshaw's special skill. Living in a frighteningly unstable family, she often needs to disappear at a moment's notice. When her parents are murdered, it's her special hiding place under the trailer that saves her life.

As it turns out, Roo, much to her surprise, has a wealthy if eccentric uncle, who has agreed to take her into his home on Cough Rock Island. Once a tuberculosis sanitarium for children of the rich, the strange house is teeming with ghost stories and secrets. Roo doesn't believe in ghosts or fairy stories, but what are those eerie noises she keeps hearing? And who is that strange wild boy who lives on the river? People are lying to her, and Roo becomes determined to find the truth.

Despite the best efforts of her uncle's assistants, Roo discovers the house's hidden room--a garden with a tragic secret.

Inspired by The Secret Garden, this tale full of unusual characters and mysterious secrets is a story that only Ellen Potter could write.

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  1. I learned the author has a close connection to her character Olivia, who is based on much of her life including a game from her childhood. That is kinda cool.

  2. I love the name of her character, Olivia Kidney! The author also based Olivia in New York where she also grew up.

  3. There's a section for kids where she gives them writng tips on how to create a great character.

  4. I have this book on my shelf and can't wait to dig into it. I read Potter's book, The Kneebone Boy. It set the bar high for all her subsequent books and I look forward to collecting them all!

  5. I learned that she was a dog groomer, a construction worker, an art teacher, and a waitress while she continued to write!

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  6. I learned she was a dog groomer, and how to get gum out of a dog's coat, use peanut butter.

  7. I learned that she had gone through several 'different' types of jobs, which helped add flavor to her books ^_^


  8. Do to her many jobs she learned many weird things that she actually put into her books. One being how to remove gum from a dog's fur which would surely come in handy.


  9. I found out that Ellen studied creative writing at Binghamton University.

  10. I'm so glad you introduced me to Ellen. My 11 year old daughter will love her books and I can't wait to read them too. :) Oh, I love that she's had so many jobs. The stories she could (and does) tell.


  11. What an imagination, even as a child! I got hungry reading about her chocolate story!!

  12. I found it interesting that she took something she had imagined as a child and turned it into a book. What creativity!


  13. A character development area for young writers to work on their own skills. That's a great idea.

  14. I learned that Ellen grew up in New York City. I loved her book, SLOB, and I want to win this one!! dutchhillgirl20(at)yahoo(dot)com

  15. I loved reading her story about the moment she knew she wanted to be a writer. I love hearing little stories like that from authors.



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