Thursday, February 2, 2012

YA Faeries Fantasy: End Credits

YA Faeries & Fantasy
a virtual book event
January 2012

THANK YOU dear readers for joining me for this virtual book event.

I hope this adventure into YA fantasy was enjoyable.

Please join me in a couple weeks for a YA Paranormal Activity event, Feb 16-28.

Stay tuned for a YA Paranormal Activity HOP, Feb 24-28 for your chance to win YA paranormal books, wheeeeeeeeeee-hee-hee!

You too, can participate in the HOP here.

There will be vampires.
There could be werewolves.
There might be ghosts.
And who knows, maybe a demon or two ???

THANKS TO: Authors, Publicists and Publishers for Book Giveaways & Guest posts

Asenath by Anna Patricio

Badass Zombie Road Trip by Tonia Brown

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

The Dig by Audrey Hart

The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

Finding Alice by Andrea DiGiglio

Hatter by Daniel Coleman

The Moon Coin by Richard Due

Nightingale by David Farland

Nikolas and Company: A Creature Most Foul by Kevin McGill

Railroad by Tonia Brown

Tower of Parlen Min: Volume 1 (The Narrow Escapes of Ves Asirin) by Matt Xell

Yesterday's Daughter by Sallie Lundy-Frommer


Special thanks to fellow bloggers:

Kathy of I am a Reader Not a Writer

MAD (aka MAD CRAFTER for this event) of Mary Ann DeBorde Writes (and Reads!)


We still don't know where our Alice went off to. Cheshire Cat most likely knows.

Perhaps we can find out if we give him a chocolate hazelnut croissant... or three...


* fyi: more Alice later this month

* Picnik was used for some graphics creations for this event.

***~*~*YA Faeries & Fantasy schedule *~*~***


  1. Thank you for this fun event, Velvet! :D

  2. Hopefully I can get off this ipad and participate more cos I know you miss
    Auntie M.A.D. hehe
    That cheshire cat is awesome, all the Alice art has rocked! :D

  3. This was a fun event. Thanks for hosting.


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